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Always Making Your Wishes Known


I haven’t been traveling as much lately so the cats and I have settled into a routine. I let them out to roam around usually twice a day. Then we cuddle while I work. I have been working on both my normal job and decluttering my home (shout out to Freecycle).

Anyway, here is me taking one of the few trips I have this fall and clearly Koko was not happy. She either wanted to come with me or didn’t want me to leave.

Very rarely do we make our wishes known. We are afraid of hurting other people’s feelings and in the end wind up hurting ourselves and the other person.

Sometimes, just take the time to sit on the luggage and spark the conversation.

You Never Know Who Your Angels Are

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You Never Know Who Your Angels Are

A few weeks ago CCL was taking out the trash and Jean Claude, the black Bombay decided to go out for a bag of potato chips ( or whatever). We went to find him, posted signs, queried neighbors etc. CCL’s house is sandwiched between two neighbors -Cathy and Joe who have a new patio and Mildred who often leaves food for strays. I became convinced Mildred was holding Jean Claude hostage and urged CCL to take action. After about a week, CCL went out of town and I decided to stop by her house. Mildred, the accused cat hostage taker was in the yard. I introduced myself and asked if she had seen Jean Claude. “No” she replied quietly. “Right”I thought skeptically as I entered CCL’s house and opened the back door “just in case” JC had managed to find his way back home. I heard a cat meowing loudly- it was Jean Claude. He was in Cathy and Joe’s yard atop their concrete patio. Mildred had informed me they were not home and my attempts to get Jean Claude to drop the wooden fence to safety when unneeded. “Come get me” He beckoned. Almost giving up in frustration when Mildred offered to help.  “I think I can get a ladder and jump over,” she said.  Mildred took the ladder hopped into the neighbor’s yard and began to look for JC who promptly hid until she left at which time he emerged.  I scooped him up and closed the fence to Cathy and Joe’s yard.  Upon entering CCL’s house he ate  and acted like he never left .  You never know who your angels are – they appear quietly provide assistance, love and help when you least expect it.

Really Cute Cat Rescue Story on You Tube

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Purina Cat Chow has a new contest for cat lovers.  You can tweet or FB your kitty rescue story.  Here’s one on the food makers site (Jean Claude and Koko are fans of all things PC). #MyRescueStory


Tunnel Syndrome

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Just finished reading an article that suggests house cats need stimulation and don’t sleep as much as reported.  That’s not news to me as Jean Claude demands  midnight play.  I was looking for a tunnel to give JC and KoKo another option for play.  it’s been suggested I simply build one.

Office Space

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officespaceI have a virtual office for my business and I work out of my  tiny home office.    The office  is full of memorabilla with a sunny view of my TV room.  It’s small, warm and cozy.   Of all the spaces in my house, Koko and Jean Claude seem to like  my office best.   CCL says it’s   because I’m always in my office.  I think the cats just want a small, warm place for their headquarters.


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