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Planting Seeds With Cats

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Cute But They Aren’t Mine

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A friend, posted this on Facebook.  I couldn’t resist.Naughty Dogs

Pat, Pat

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Koko and Jean Claude love the views from the windows of my house in Brookland, D.C.    They can be found peering out of windows all over my house, depending on the time of day and their mood.   Most mornings, Jean Claude will simply pat on the blinds of my rear view window when he wants me to rise them for his viewing pleasure.  Ocassionally we have had some mishaps – blinds have fallen down or Jean Claude has made a few adjustments.


Happy one year blogiversary!

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Originally posted on The Mad Hooligan Chronicles:

We can’t believe it, but it’s been one year since this blog began!

It started when I (Ellie) wanted to comment on one of Mr Bowie’s blog posts on Hands On Bowie. (Mr Bowie is a very impressive cat, and I hope you check out his wonderful blog!) My cat, Howling Mad Cat, had just turned 21 years old, and so we debuted him on March 3, 2013.

Howling Mad Cat lived to be 21 and 1/2 years old, and sadly crossed the rainbow bridge on October 24, 2013.


Although my husband wanted to wait until New Year’s to get a new pet, he couldn’t live without a cat, and we had two new kittens within one week. Enter Bo and Ko, whom you have so graciously welcomed into your lives!

sleeping kitties

Thank you so much for following us. We really appreciate it!

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“Real” Estate

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As many of you know Koko and Jean Claude divide their time between my house and CCL’s house.  Lately however, they have acquired some real estate in my house – in fact Jean Claude recently built a second story.  There  are companies such as “Four Paws” that build such houses for cats.


Be My Valentine

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Cats give back too. Jean Claude and KoKo provide so much love. Apparently the folks at the fabulous Mashable blog think so too.

Remembering Shaby

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Pets add so much to our lives.  My friend Dwayne, recently lost his beloved dog “Shaby.”   I was moved by his Facebook remembrance  to his furry friend and got his permission to post it to  this blog.  Here’s Dwayne’s moving tribute to “Shaby.”

“Many of you have asked about ” Shaby” over the past few years. My family, friends and colleagues have all known him for the past 18 years. He was always present making someone laugh or smile. Last night, the little champ slept away to Heaven. Six rewards, pet amber alerts, 20 or more lost and found ads, a private detective and lawyers to get him back from his various adventures into the neighborhoods in Atlanta, NYC, NJ and Houston, he always found his way back to the Ashley Family. Like most of us, Shaby was curious about the world and wanted to see it–so he explored. Mom, thanks for taking great care of him for the past 4 years, and years before when I came for visits and he ended staying for months to years. And to all my friends who took care him when I had to travel over the years ( Cisco, Kurt, Leon, Gerald, Phillip, Martha and Andy). We will miss you little fella and “don’t embarrass me by begging for food when people are eating in Heaven”





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