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Bath Tub Chatter

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Jean Claude and Koko have a curiosity about my bathtub.  When I’m in it Koko playfully kicks my head .   When I’m not in it Jean Claude tries to drink from the faucet though the cats have a water fountain by  their food dish in the kitchen.



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Two weekends ago a small mouse appeared in my kitchen and scurried out of site as I moved in for closer inspection.  Needless to say I went to CCL’s house to get Jean Claude and Koko to come and perform exterminating duties at my house.   ( Here’s Jean Claude in a T-Maxx bag) 


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Welcome Fall.  Fall really is my favorite season.  It leads to Thanksgiving and Christmas – family, food and amazing wardrobe choices. I like October best in Washington DC where I  live.  The flowers are still in bloom and  even my rose bushes  are making a comeback .  The weather is sunny and crispy with beautiful colors of trees emerging.   I still run errands in my white yes white flats and wear sandals where it suits the occasion.  It is a month of  birthdays of my favorite people.  Perfect time for festivals and butternut squash soup.




October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Donate to these causes if you can.

Do Unto Others

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Pope Francis paid a visit to the U.S. this week.   He literally made a stop in my neighborhood of Brookland  DC in fact I can see the Basillica from my house and yes I hear the bells on the hour..  Truth be told the vibe in my neighborhood aka “Little Rome,” is always pretty positive but it took on an added “feel good” air during his visit.  One thing the Pope  quoted the Bible Luke 6:31  to a joint session of Congress  “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.”   Interesting in a culture where it’s usually do unto others before they Do unto you.  Unfortunately in Congress, as well as other parts of the city the latter creed seems to persist, the real question is why.   All the back-stabbing, undermining and belittling – why?  Does it really mean success for those who engage in small acts of emotional terrorism?  I like to believe the answer is NO.  I’m with Pope Francis on this one. Ultimately a higher power decides.

Pope Francis in Washington, D.C.

Pope Francis in Washington, D.C.

Accepting Yourself

Cats are fascinating creatures. They learn from their mistakes and never spend time wallowing in what went wrong. If Jean-Claude is hungry and I’m not responding, he just bides his time because he knows at some point I will wake up and feed him.

We humans tend to shy away from broadcasting our mistakes. We keep them to ourselves because we don’t want to be judged or ridiculed by others. But, it is those mistakes that allow us to grow (only if you don’t repeat the same mistakes). I can say for absolute certainty that my spirit wouldn’t be where it is today if not for the mistakes I’ve made over the past seven years.

First, it’s hard because we have to admit some very hard truths about ourselves and our past. It’s not easy to say that you’ve been influenced and shaped by certain forces that aren’t pleasant. We create shells around our hurts instead of letting the scars stay exposed so they can be worn down by love.

Second, we all make mistakes. In today’s internet lynch mob culture everyone is very quick to state that “Well, I would have NEVER done that.” But you did something else that you would never want anyone else to know. Confession is great. Once you let it out and start to figure out that you are okay with your mistakes and bullocks to what anyone else thinks.

If Koko misses a leap, she doesn’t try to hide it. She goes and licks herself and then goes to make the leap again from a different vantage point and succeeds!


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