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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Sunday, Sunday

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Funny, just last week it was spring…and now it’s …sprinter?? I have to go outside and spray the garden today. Thought I’d do it today while I don’t have any “help.” Jean Claude and Roxie are still with their mom. I’ve got some home made tomato sauce simmering for some eggplant I’ll roast later in the week. But today, Sunday, it’s meat day in my  last “meatless” week before Lent is over.  I plan to cook chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese, basil and cranberries.  (My variation on a Barefoot Contessa  Ida Garten recipe)  and of course some whipped mashed potatoes.


Help A (Four-legged) Friend

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For you animal lovers:

The daughter of my good friend Ella,  Andito,  took her rescue minpin to the vet last  Sunday for a routine test.  The vet made an error and within minutes the dog bleed to death – so Andito wrote this poem. (Please note information about animal rescue programs follows)

Andito’s Poem

It’s been 72 hours
Our house no longer feels like a home
She is here
Dents in pillows, tiny footprints on the floor, a leash on a table

It’s been 72 hours
Since I’ve walked to the kitchen and she followed me anticipating a treat
Since she exploded in a flurry of motion when the doorbell rang
The food dish is empty and her water hasn’t been changed

It’s been 72 hours
Since someone woke us up to give them breakfast and then promptly returned to bed
Since she curled up with Mike for an afternoon nap or sat in my lap as I worked on the computer

It’s been more than 3 years since I first met her
She was the smallest, six pounds and less than a foot tall, including 2 inches of ears
In the flurry of activity with the other dogs she trotted around proud and aloof
She didn’t come to me, wag her tail, or bark
On the ride home she started snoring as she slept in my lap and I saw that one of her canine teeth protruded over her lip
She stole my heart with a snore and a snaggletooth

She was adorable, endlessly curious, hilarious, regal, adventurous, loving, patient, fearless, and charming.  She was the boss and the baby, the queen and the court jester.  Her name was Truffles, because she was a chocolate miniature pinscher.  We didn’t choose that name, though it suited her just fine.  Over time as her confidence grew and her personality evolved she, like any true friend, earned a number of nicknames, “Rooty Toot,” “L’il Bit,” “The Situation,” “Queen of Sheba,” “One Way,” “Kitty Paws,” and  “Anubis.”

It’s been 72 hours
Since we had to say good bye to our dear friend
The little girl in me can’t stop crying
But, the woman in me thinks this is the right thing to do

I am sending this to you because you are a fellow animal lover, friend or colleague.  We find so easily, in our four legged friends the qualities we so desperately seek in our human companions – unconditional love, loyalty, gratitude, acceptance, patience and companionship.  Seriously, has your significant other ever greeted you the way your pet has or been as appreciative of a meal?

If you have a pet give them a hug or an extra treat, scratch behind their ears, take them for an extra long walk, buy them a new toy, forgive the next accident, and laugh at their hijinks for me.

One more thing, I know this is long but, please keep reading.  While there is nothing more I can do for Truffles perhaps you can find it in your heart to help other animals?

You can make a donation to the miniature pinscher rescue at the address below, or online at

IMPS, Inc.
P.O. Box 176
Pinellas Park, FL 33780
Please make checks payable to IMPS, and write Truffles in the memo

If you would like to improve the medical care for all of our four legged friends, please make a donation to the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical School, you can send donations online here,, or mail to:

CVM Office of Development
1900 Coffey Road
Columbus, OH  43212
Please make the check out to The Ohio State University Foundation, fund #313313 and reference the fund # and Truffles in the memo line.

They have a number of funds to choose from, including:
Veterinary Outreach Program Support in Partnership with Lifecare Alliance – Fund Number: 313313
This fund is used to support the veterinary medicine outreach program that is in partnership with Meals on Wheels/Lifecare Alliance.  This program takes our students into areas where the elderly are in need of pet care but may not be able to come into the hospital, if they are unable to drive, have health issues, etc.  There are several faculty and student who go out to these homes to perform routine check-ups, etc, or if needed, will transport the pet to the clinic to perform a surgery.

Paw Prints

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So the cats are with their mom today, although their imprint remains.  Fuzzy toys,  rumpled rugs,  paw prints on the glass coffee table in the basement.   Human beings leave imprints too.    There are people who make one’s life better just by being who they are, flaws and all.  There are people who try to pull you down consistently.   Still peace knows no extremes.  Sometimes the people we love bring conflict but I read once “peace is not the absence of conflict but the ability to cope with it.”

As I write this I think about  the people, the animals and things that bring peace in my life.  By virtue of our humaness there is no perfection in any relationship or endeavor.  We can only strive for peace and  ultimately there are people (and pets) who bring a smile much of the time.

Home Again

Well, there was drama moving the cats from Grandma’s to my house tonight.  Due to an accident, I only have one cage for them and I guess that they were tired of traveling together.  JC refused to get in the cage and he always gets in without a fuss.  Roxie was her normal drama queen self.  So I had to make two trips to bring them over.  Then I left to go to dinner.

When I came home both cats were at the door waiting for me at the door.  I’m not surprised that Jean-Claude was there, but Roxie isn’t usually a homebody.  Then when I came upstairs, they immediately followed and JC wanted to go out on the deck.  I opened the door and he’s still out there.  Roxie did go out, but came back pretty soon to spend quality time with her mom.  Per her normal self she immediately came back in, started walking on my back since I’m on the bed and them jumped off.

Let’s see what tonight brings.

March Madness

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There seems to be a lot of violent play between Roxie and Jean Claude of late. I watched them last weekend at my daughter’s house. Loud, hissing, fur flying everywhere. Last night at their other residence(my house) it continued. Furniture was moved. Their scratch box upended. They are after all animals but I wonder as they watch the news as I do if they got the wrong message. It would seem that the violence preached from the right wing  has gotten them energized.  They are after all animals and tend to take their cues from loud noises and senseless animation.