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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Scare-D Cat

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My cousin’s husband doesn’t like cats.   He and my cousin came to visit  recently.  Roxie and Jean Claude performed.  Jean Claude jumped atop the living room chair where he was sitting and motioned for the blinds to be risen.  Roxie stood guard at the door.   Several times Roxie also rushed the chair where he sat.  Did I  say my cousin’s husband is an Air Force hero?? ( and a wonderful person) but Jean Claude and Roxie spooked him good.   He said the scariest thing was when  Roxie pushed the dining room chair aside so Jean Claude could hop up and take a seat.

For those of you who’s the famous “Pinky the Cat” video….the original…Too funny!!


Kitty-Kat Puppet Show- Ah Vanity

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Roxie is prissy.  I’m told most Japanese bobtails are somewhat particular.  She, I feel, even  more so.  Once she came in  the bathroom and motioned to and tapped the toilet paper  when she had a particular ..hmmn…problem.  Those  of you who read this post regularly  know Roxie and her “brother”  Jean Claude, a black Bombay, have two houses( my house and my daughter Crazy Cat Lady’s house).      While the laser pointer is still her first choice, lately  Roxie has been enertaining  herself with a new toy at CCL’s house.   The toy is  a small stuffed skunk shaped like a cigar  with a bright pink feather boah around its neck .  Part of the fascination I think is it looks a lot  like Roxie or at least has the  same coloring.  Something about watching the black and white ornament dangling from the air fascinates her.   Maybe I’ll buy her a pink feather boah or loan her the one Aretha Franklin gave me years ago.

A Matter of Time

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The glass  potpourri bowl that rested  on the stand at the top of the stairs lost its long battle with Jean Claude today.  He regularly dipped his paw in the bowl to scoop out some potpourri for daytime play.   This morning  JC tipped the bowl over and it shattered.  The stand is still in mourning.

Some of you know I often hum to the Jean Claude the title theme to the  1960s  TV show “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.”   Here’s the song  link from YouTube


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As I write this I am enjoying pomegranate lemonade…ahh.  Spoke with Miss Georgia today (my moma and CCL’s grandmom).   The giant monster plant that once dominated the living room is no more.   Mom came downstairs this morning to find the plant on the floor, its clay container in pieces.  No one in the house including my mom,  cousin or sister heard the plant fall.  It had been sitting on a large  table —  placed there  by my sister  when she moved back to Cleveland from DC eight years ago.  It was just a small thing  back then  but it grew and was at least five feet high and probably as wide.    Last time I saw the plant  it looked something like the one in Roger Corman’s 1960 film “Little Shop of Horrors. ”    I could just imagine it saying one day “Feed Me.”   Anyway the plant  fell at some point overnight.  My mom, in an effort to rescue  part of it, gathered the remains and put them in a pot of water on the back deck.  “You know,” she told me “After awhile  plants just commit suicide.  They’re done and that’s it.”   Guess that’s what happened to the petunias I planted in April.

Can Do

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Jean Claude Giving Instructions

There’s something to be said in believing that you can get the job done.   Positivity brings positive results.  Faith in God’s way brings solutions.  Too often people are locked in cycles of complaint.  I know some people who have made a career of it.  They don’t want to see anything get accomplished.  They enjoy complaining and seek things  even the smallest things to complain about.  It’s important if one is in a work environment such as that to have outside activities which take you away long enough that you don’t get immersed or overwhelmed.    Earlier this week I conducted a training for some of the new leaders for tomorrow.  One of the more seasoned leaders in the U.S., Congressman Elijah Cummins spoke.  He talked about how we have to “encourage” ourselves and that other people, especially those with the “who do you think you are syndrome”  can not stand in our way.  He said in fact we teach peoople how to treat us. Roxie and Jean Claude are followers of that philosophy.   They have me and CCL well trained.