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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Roxie Likes My Singing

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I am not a supreme vocalist but I do Karoke .  I have also sang a few church solos in my time.  These days the primary audience for my singing is Roxie.  She definitely has her pop preferences but she likes listening to my pastor online.   Roxie also is a fan  of Mariah Carey (on VH1) and Old Cary Grant movies.  Here’s a You Tube video link to one of Roxie’s favorite tunes  featuring another furry friend,    Mel Waters “The Smaller the Club,”


Beware of Cat??

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I’ve mentioned in the last blog about Roxie biting me on the toe but that pales in comparison to tales I’ve heard from fellow animal lovers about  other cats….yep  – cats.   I had the pleasure of doing some political canvassing today with two women I admire.  We covered several houses  solo  but always went in twos to houses  that  had the “Beware of Dog” signs.  My fellow canvasserYvette  said cats are just as vicious.  She  told the story of how while in Pittsburgh she and a fellow canvasser went to one house where the cat seated in a lawn chair on the front porch.  The cat braced as if to attack and actually lunged at them missing them  by inches.    Yvette also told us the story of her nephew and his wife  who put their cat outsid   after some particular jealous behavior on her part to the new baby.  The cat was more than surly.  It was almost vicious not just to the baby but everybody in site.  The couple finally  gave the vicious vermit  away to a family  in West Virginia.  Less than one month later the cat was back on Yvette’s nephew’s  front porch.    Here for those of you who haven’t seen it is the original Pinky the Cat video  .Pinky The Cat

DIVA Central

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I am, I admit, a bit of a Diva.  I picked it up from Roxie.  She clearly is all girl and all that.  This morning when I wouldn’t respond to her jumping on top of  me as I relaxed under the bedcovers – I was tired and didn’t feel like moving –  she did what any diva would do-  she crawled under the covers and bit my big toe.  Not to be outdone Jean Claude went to my bedroom window and patted the blinds  three times  as if to indicate it was time for them to be raised   I guess he’s a De-vo.

What Is It??

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There seems to be a lot of anger out there these days. What is it really?? What caused it?? Advertising? Public Relations or Fear. I suspect the later stirred by the former .    It takes real courage to live and let live. It takes courage to be sure of one’s place in the world regardless of circumstances or data or changing demographics or advertising. It used to be that advertising caused people to worry about the kind of car they drove, or what cereal to buy or rather a lipstick was pretty. Now advertising is being used to stir negative emotion.   We have to get back to a place of Courage and  Hope.

Roxie and the Roach – A Tale of Her-roism

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I pride myself on a clean and mostly odor free home  but  despite regular visits by Terminix  I admit to the occasional appearance of a fly or an insect. Yes folks this morning I saw a large roach crawling on my bedroom ceiling. I was not excited and not inclined to get out of bed either. Shortly after the siting however, Roxie jumped on my nightstand, actor – there it was–  the roach which Roxie quickly maneuvered to the floor and dispatched of in a playful fashion. Poor creature never had a chance. Roxie is one of my she-roes.  Had the pleasure yesterday of talking with another one of my,  a wonderful sister friend  who is also a work colleague as well.   Americans owe her (and her colleagues)  for leading the charge on numerous issues,  but this blog respects her anonymity and it’s not about work.  That said she and her husband  raised five foster children.   However, shortly after the last child  graduated high school they had to take in their four grandchildren who were living under rather severe circumstances.  My  friend admits the ups and downs of raising  young children once more sometimes gets to her.   Yet  she and her husband don’t want any publicity or extra attention.  Clearly the reward for her is in the gifts she provides.  Like Roxie,  she is the real deal.