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Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Queen Must Be Amused

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CCL calls Roxie a drama queen. She is a true Japanese bobtail and very prissy. Clearly she has a short attention span. Jean Claude, the male Bombay cat, can stay in the yard and watch the birds and dialouge with them for hours – ok for at least several minutes but if no food or fun is involved Roxie’s not having it. She’d rather watch Tivo with grandma. Yes, Lionel, that cat is watching television. Of course playing with her laser toy remains her favorite form of amusement.


Don’t Hate the Playa

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Roxie and Jean Claude really do have the fabulous life. Sometimes I imagine them singing or at least dancing along to Jaheim’s “Fabulous”

Hotel Accomodations

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Last week, once again had to deal with Roxie and a certain..hmph, hmph …reoccuring problem. That meant a litter box in my front room upstairs. Naturally Roxie was better in a few days but still felt the need to have an extra bathroom in her house. These cats…they lead a good life. Fancy Feast, outdoor lounge area and filtered water. A dog’s life often refers to the worse. Guess a cat’s life should be a slang term referring to all thing luxurious. At least Roxie thinks so.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you pet owners out there!!