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A Drink From A Certain Fountain

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There is an old “Twilight Zone” episode, “A Drink From A Certain Fountain” in which a man wishing to impress his younger wife takes a youth enhancing drug to most interesting consequences. Recently I had the opportunity to visit with friends, there was wine but also afterwards it felt like I had been slipped a mental “Mickey.” Dizzy and a bit disoriented I went to CCL’s house where I took a quick nap. Still, today trying to regain my composure. I guess the lesson is to always be careful from whose cup you drink. Encouragement, mental support and love are served up by friends but not always As humans we sometimes serve up confusion, discouragement, complaint and maybe envy. Always forgivenss is the answer – then it is also up to us to whether we want to take what someone suggests or infers about us with a grain of salt.


So now…

I’m up to 2.5 cats. Cats are interesting creatures. I miss JC and Roxie. Azeena has had to keep them b/c I’ve been working like a mad woman. I have gone to visit them, but they are clearly giving me the message, we’re through with you. However, now I have a cat that I feed. The cat actually belongs to the neighbors but he comes and goes and now waits for me on my porch. He meows at me and waits for his food. The funny thing is that I had this bag of special urinary tract food that my cats wouldn’t eat. I thought, oh Tiger will eat that but he hated it too. Even if you are hungry don’t accept just anything that gets thrown your way.

Cats & Kids

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As I write this, the voices of Elizabeth Taylor and Katherine Hepburn yelling in the background in a key scene from “Suddenly Last Summer”  from my television  along with the chirping of birds outside. Jean Claude is resting on top of an arm chair downstairs watching the world. Roxie is watching the movie.

It’s been a long rough week,  work is real work and also  just finished  up a project with some young people and a close friend.  Last night some chaos as some young men who were not part of the team project showed up with swagger, brash and foul mouths.  The leaders of the team including one young woman calmed things down.   Afterwards I spoke with the young woman, so unsure, feeling the need to apologize because she is a leader, a star.  It saddened me and we discussed the incident and her need to apologize when I drove her home.    She felt a little better and I hope better about herself and her right to celebrate her achievements.

In another old favorite “All About Eve”   in that beautiful script by Jospeh Mankiewich script George Saunders tells  Ann Baxter “The Eve” character “We are all equipped with little horns to blow on about our triumphs.”   Just ask Roxie

It’s A Mystery

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Yesterday I saw the new J.J. Abrams flick, “Super 8.” Today I attacked and hopefully conquered the giant monster weeds in CCL’s yard. Round-up does the job. Simple safe and easy to target. Then it was time to hit the Home Depot to replace some petunias in my garden which fell to the rath of …some giant monster ?? racoon…the sun…or perhaps as I’ve written in a previous blog…planticide.

Summer Favorites

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Roxie and Jean Claude, while primarily housecats, enjoy the outdoors. Well, Roxie not so much , although she likes sitting on the back porch steps or peering out the open windows to check out what’s going on. She will on ocassion come to supervise my work in the garden or to let “Rocky” the urban squirrel know that he is not to climb the huge pine tree in my backyard.