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Monthly Archives: September 2011

In the Bag – The Kitty Recycling Campaign

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Jean Claude is clearly an environmentalist.   He enjoys going outdoors and he has an affinity for the reuse of paper products, newspapers crumbled in pieces, paper bags  and boxes.  Those products tend to stay around my house probably longer than they should as well CCL’s house for Jean Claude’s use and evaluation.  Roxie will occassionally crawl into a paper bag but usually by mistake.

Jean Claude Is In the Bag

Pampered Kitties- Cush’s Beauty Regimen

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Cuch in Her World - Paul and Isaiah's House

There is no doubt Jean Claude and Roxie enjoy the fabu life…electronic liter boxes, filtered water and Fancy Feast…travel…multiple residences with great  views, liberal work hours and luxury play items.  They also are very much loved.  My neighbors Paul and Isaiah have a cat too…Cush, always fun and lively who looks very young for her age.  In addition she also takes glucosamine for her joints and  get’s the best grooming possible as she is a very hairy cat  – cats are love – they deserve our best.

Frisky Morning Maneuvers

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I’ve read somewhere that cats sleep 80 percent of the time.  I guess that Roxie and Jean Claude sleep all day while I’m at work cause they don’t sleep all night or much in the morning.   Although they sometimes get into rather loud, fur flying brawls, usually in the morning, this morning there was a demand for play time and the need to go outside.  It has been raining a lot here.   A lot of people had to be rescued from floating cars and their homes.

Sex and the City Kitty

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What to Wear?? My T- Shirt Drawer Following a Search by the Fashionable Jean Claude

OK.   Roxie, the Japanese bobtail,  loves television and old movies.  CCL says it’s the sounds of voices and the activity  on the screen that captivates her.    After all,  CCL maintains, animals can’t discern what’s happening on  television.   So  CCL and I agree to disagree on the subject of whether Roxie is actually watching television.    But I know for a fact Roxie is a huge fan of “Sex and the City,  ”   particularly Seasons Two and Five, which also happen to be my favorites.   Now I don’t know if it’s New York,  the fashions or the banter but if I turn on episode of  “Sex and the City” on Roxie  jumps on in my lap or saunters nearby  and at least appears  to  be watching Sarah and the girls on TV  – fascinated.

Still the  fashion maven (or cross dresser???)  appears to be Jean Claude, the black Bombay, who regularly goes through my t-shirt drawer – ah… looking for something to wear?

Roxie Prefers The Laundry Basket (Empty)