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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Oh Jean Claude

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Jean Claude on "his" chair

Jean Claude, the black male Bombay, returned home last night after a 24-hour adventure. Still puzzled to how he got out the house, perhaps as I was hanging a Christmas wreath on the back door.  However he got out and what he did during his day-long dissapearance remains a mystery.  CCL and I spent hours yesterday looking for him in the back alley behind my house. As JC is a house cat he doesn’t tend to travel far.  I also expressed angst to any and all who would listen despite assurances from CCL the little bad a@* would return.  I remained unconvinced as I had put food out for the little bugger and it had not been eaten.  Bombays, as cat lovers know, love food.  I decided to go to bed but just before midnight I jumped  out of bed  almost knocking Roxie, the Japanese bobtail, out of her slumber and went downstairs and noticed the spotlight on my garage flickering off and on.  I knew.  I opened the back porch door and let Jean Claude inside and he went straight for his  food bowl and then to his favorite chair for a nap. Typical male.


Thanksgiving Day

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There is a lot to be said about gratitude.  It is the foundation of growth and awareness.

Truly Blessed

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My house is a mess.  Contractors have repaired the bedroom ceiling and repaired a few other things around the house that were broken.  Dust is everywhere and my bedroom and dining room furniture is piled into other rooms.  Jean Claude and Roxie have enjoyed the adventures the clutter has created.  In an effort to protect my laser printer I covered it with a blanket – now the printer is a resting place for the Japanese bobtail.  Jean Claude likes perching atop my television set – now in the front room by a window.  Soon the work will be completed and while  I still have some cleaning to do, there will be order and my house will look even better    It’s been a pretty rough time for me personally and professionally but I know that just like my house- God is just repairing my soul and that I will have to make the decision to do the clean up and peace will come.     .

And In This Corner….

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For  Roxie, the Japanese bobtail and Jean Claude, the Black Bombay play often erupts into an all in all cat fight complete with hissing, hollering, chasing  and the moving of very heavy furniture.  Usually Roxie, half JC’s size,  whips him good.   Jean Claude does get in a few licks before retreating to one of his spots.  Of course his favorite spot is on my back lawn where he likes to sit and watch the world.    Every great fighter has to rest after a battle.   Just learned that another famous fighter “Smokin”  Joe Frazier died at age 67.  Frazier, a boxing great, fancied himself a performer outside the boxing ring as well.  I  still remember  his off-key rendition of  Wilson Pickett’s “Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool You.”

Here is another lesser known song recorded by Frazier “Little Dog Heaven.”

Truly Fall

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We had a spout of early winter here but it’s given way to fall. The leaves are various colors. Change is in the air.