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Monthly Archives: December 2011

It’s Official

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Jean Claude, the black Bombay and Roxie, the Japanese bobtail are no longer semi-permanent residents of my house. They reside full-time with CCL    They joined my other family members and friends for a lovely Christmas Day feast which included roast beef, chicken and an awesome chocolate cake made from scratch by CCL.  Later after all the guests left Roxie emerged from her spot behind the living room sofa, a sofa, I must add that used to be mine.  Much, much later Jean Claude jumped from the top of the electric fireplace to the ground, knocking down candles and causing a small disturbance before retiring to his spot in the basement.


It’s Back!! The Giant Monster Plant Lives

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Feed Me

(Paid a visit to mom over the Christmas holidays and yes, the giant plant is  thriving.  I wrote this post three years ago when the late, great Roxie was still with us)


I’m at my mom’s house this week, looking after sis and caring for mom’s plants, house etc. Don’t worry Roxie and Jean Claude are guarding my house (with help from CCL and assorted friends, family etc.). You may recall the blog I wrote last summer (Planticide- July 18, 2010). I described a giant plant in my mom’s living room that fell over and its pot broke into hundreds of pieces. Yes mom rescued a piece of the plant and put it in water and then repotted it. Well here it is folks one year later complete with scales and four-foot branches. I’m just waiting for it to say “Feed Me” circa “Little Shop of Horrors,” the 1960 movie which featured Jack Nicholson.

Two Days Before Christmas

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I just finished watering snapdragons. Beautiful, pink, flourishing, it’s December 22. Jean Claude was enjoying the warm weather, nestled in the grass and quietly observing his surroundings. No birds really to chase. My neighbors have not let the dogs out. It’s just quiet. Just two days before Christmas. Two days before Roxie and Jean Claude go to what will now become their primary resident at CCL’s house. But for now we are all now taking a much needed rest. Roxie for her part spends a lot of time watching the Christmas tree and listening with me to TD Jakes.

Christmas and the Grape

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Clearly Jean Claude and Roxie are fascinated by the Christmas  tree in my living room. They’ve spent endless hours just watching it. Years ago they used to knock the tree down but now their play in the living room and dining room centers around removing the colorfully wrapped candy pieces out of the Christmas bowls and batting the pieces around on the floor . JC is particularly found of playing with the foiled wrapped candy as well as a grape I must of dropped when I was getting food out of the refrigerator.   The grape has moved from under a dining room chair to under my living room couch – I guess so it can get a better view of the Christmas tree too!!

That’s What Friends Are For

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Jean Claude Relaxing

I am blessed in so many ways, with friends and family, and staff I enjoy. It’s easy to overlook those things with life challenges and people whose inner demons make it hard for them to relate or care. I think the trick is to focus on those who do care about themselves, so they care about others. Friends help you love you better. Roxie and Jean Claude of course have limitless love for me and CCL – because they know they are royalty.