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Yuletide Cat Blog

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There’s a lot of Christmas this year. My neightbors have outdone themselves with decor including moving Reindeer, lights, talking Santas and the like Roxie and Jean Claude for the time being remain at grandma’s house. Currently Roxie is sitting on my bed enjoying the sounds of Christmas music blasting from the television. She is also fascinated by the Christmas tree. Jean Claude, well yes, but he really liked playing with his cat Christmas toys as well as the foiled wrapped candies and admiring the neighborhood Christmas lights.

Listen here to Dave Francis’s “Auld Lang Syne”


FREE JC & Roxie!!!

I have no excuse for not blogging. I really don’t, other than a lot has been going on with me in my life. Holidays always seem to be a time of transition and reflection. Many people are sad about the holidays but if we remember a few things such as no matter what, we are alive. We are here and tomorrow does not have to be yesterday. In fact, today does not have to be yesterday. Too many people get trapped in the commercialism of the holidays and forget what truly makes this time of year special. Today, let’s take some time to reach out to those family and friends and take a moment to truly connect with them. Tell them you miss them, tell them you are thinking about them, tell them you love them.

So on to this blog title. Free JC & Roxie! Both have now been at Azeena’s house even though I have been home and off the road. She keeps pushing back their transfer date. I’ve now officially given up custody but still retain hope that they will come back to my house. However, they love Azeena and Azeena loves them. At some point we’ll work out a custody agreement although my version of custody means either they stay at one house and the other person visits. 🙂

Tis the Season

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Jean Claude is Also a Holiday Martian

Got a lot of help in decorating my house for the holiday season.  Roxie, the Japanese bobtail ,supervised.  Jean Claude, the male black Bombay,  of course did the heavy lifting.