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Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Search for Coyotes

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I like Las Vegas and when there I play the “Coyotes,” a fun game that iminates a low slow whistle when hit.  During a recent business trip I spent some time looking for the Coyotes game and a few hotels.   Tired and literally spent from a number of things I settled for “Wolf Run,” and promptly won a couple of hundred dollars in the process.  The next day I spotted one “Coyote” game machine.  I played. I lost.   In Vegas they say when you break even you’ve won.  I guess I won.  A win-win situation for me and the Coyotes.


Snowy Day in the Nation’s Capital

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DATELINE: Washington

Time: Well morning,  CCL and Roxie are with me(grandma human) this weekend.  There has been a lot of snuggling.  Jean Claude for the most part has managed to stay in the house.  However, he did break front of my front blinds.

We finally got more than a bit of snow in Washington.  Mostly it’s gone now.

Jean Claude Inspecting the Snow Fall

The Sass is Back

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Most of you know that Roxie and Jean Claude no longer reside with me on a permanent basis. At first when I would visit CCL’s house there were clear signs Roxie, the Japanese bobtail missed me – if I took a nap on CCL’s sofa, she would sleep on top of me. She came to greet me as does Jean Claude, the black Bombay who thinks he a dog, as soon as I opened the door to CCL’s house.  Once situated she  started to come around  after I had been in my daughter’s house for awhile, a low herself to be petted and rubbed and then proceed to prowl and walk around as if she were queen of the manor.  At some point Roxie was not herself  for a couple of days,  she refiused to come downstairs and was tender when picked up,  perhaps a set back following her surgery last fall  but the last few days I went to visit her she seemed to be her old self – Queen of the Manor.

CCL and I recently went to the Sachal Vasandani , – A Chicago-born jazz singer of Indian descent – amazing.   Sachal’s “Eyes Wide Open-Naked As We Came”  truly fits the “Rhythm of Roxie.”

Because I got high…

So many of you know that we let Jean-Claude and occasionally Roxie roam our respective backyards. Jean-Claude now demands to be let out and even knows that the sound of the trash bag being changed usually means the door opens. We usually let JC out more than Roxie b/c JC will actually come back when called and although he can be naughty at times, will generally come back within an hour. He can even knock on the door. Roxie, well, Roxie is special and that is why we love h At times, JC can be, shall we say insistent, that he be allowed out. At my house I’ve seen even more of that behavior and I think I understand why.

JC is an addict and needs to get his buzz on.

I’m a container gardener and in one of those containers, I’ve been growing catnip. For the longest time, JC was completely uninterested in it. However, there were several neighborhood cats that would hop the fence and munch on my stash. Due to the rash of warm weather that we’ve been having, I’ve been letting him run the yard. For awhile, because my gate was broken, he could easily explore and roam the neighborhood, but he would always come back when called. Then after the gate, his explorations were limited the 120 sq I have or so.

Then I crushed up a leaf of fresh catnip from my container. JC loved it. He went over to the plant and started munching. Then roaming, then munching, then roaming, then munching. He loves it. For those that don’t know, catnip really does give cats a buzz. Afterwards, he did what I call the catnip roll when they have the good buzz and rolled on the walkway.

I’ve given the cats dried catnip, but this is the first time I’ve seen either one of them eat it fresh. JC then proceeded to climb the tree in my yard where he watched the world for a bit. Then he went back to the catnip and had some more!

When I left him this morning, he settled in for a long nap. He had thoroughly cleaned himself, positioned himself just so on the bed. Sweet dreams JC!

Taking Time for Yourself

Happy New Year! The cats are safely ensconced at my house as Azeena said. They have been with me for a week and a half since Christmas Day! Azeena brought them out where they promptly said we are mad at you CCL. You left us. You didn’t visit us, you didn’t play in the garden with us. That next week was touch and go. Jean-Claude slept in the basement. Roxie only consented to spend part of the time with me and neither cat really acted like they wanted to be bothered.

Then as the only truism that applies to every situation good or bad – this too shall pass. It passed. They became used to my house. They had a new big litter box. They found solace on the bed while I slept.

They relearned that they can go watch the world from a second story deck. Roxie learned that she had new plants to pee in (which she likes the actual dirt). And now in my house we have a routine. They’ve adopted.

So every year we see a cycle. The new year starts and people roll out new promises – to lose weight, quit smoking, be better to your fellow man. Most of those are already broken by now. I stopped making resolutions at new year’s awhile back. Today is the day to start the rest of your life. Not some arbitrary date. I can understand the appeal though. But today we are going to push forward and leave what was in the past the past. We’ll carry the lessons forward.

With the new year also comes new spam. I received the following spam message. I found it hilarious and I hope you do as well!


Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 2053, USA.


Acting as a Federal Commission, our job is to protect the interest of citizens, whether a citizen of the United States or not. Now the reason why we are contacting you is because your Name and other personal details were found in the custody of a long wanted internet fraudster and they also pointed you out as their business partner.

The Cyber Crime Division of the FBI gathered information from the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) of how some people have lost outrageous sums of money to these impostors. You are required to response immediately and know what you are required to do so as to stop your name from been on the web list and if you refuse to comply with this, we will now include your name and picture on our official website and you will join the other wanted persons. Go through this link carefully.

[link deleted by me so you don’t accidentally click]

You have involved yourself in so many illegal activities such as illegal transaction, from illegal lottery winnings, to illegal bank transfers, diplomatic consignment and so many others and you have brought a lot of charges upon yourself knowingly and unknowingly. But I want you to know that ignorance is not an excuse in the law.
If you do not do anything fast to remedy this situation, you will be arrested wherever you are and you will go to jail. I am not trying to scare you but I am telling you the position of things and the law will never be compromised.

To response to the email is your choice, but you have been warned.

Timothy P. Murphy
Executive Deputy Director.
Federal Bureau of Investigation.