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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Leap Year Forward

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I was born today. I suppose that makes me special in that the day itself comes only every four years.  Today I’m looking out at the landscape of my life and I’m happy.  I have wonderful friends, family and a life I enjoy.  There are challenges . Despite the fact I have a superior staff at my job…really just wonderful people who are very talented…work of late as become a challenge.  My sister has MS and while she is courageous and cheerful, the disease has progressed.      I have a job, my sister, who sent me the corniest Blue Mountain card ever, is still with us and  she is slowly  doing a little better.   There is always a bright side to every dilemma.   So today as I am special in God’s eyes I will focus on positive change and moving forward.


Who You Are

It’s never too late to be who you might have been. – George Eliot, English novelist (1819 – 1880)

This quote was left for me on a turn-down service provided by a hotel. It got me thinking about who you are supposed to be and who you are.

For example. When we got the cats, they were kittens. When I picked Roxie from the shelter, she was always spastic and crazy. When I picked her up she immediately started playing with my earrings and she had poop on her tail (a hazard of the otherwise really cute Bob tails). And today. She still loves to bel picked up, she still goes crazy for toys and she still occasionally gets poop in her tail She has always had the same personality and always knew who she was.

Jean-Claude, however, was another story. His name from the shelter was Tiny because they thought he was the runt of the litter. As a matter of fact, Jean-Claude and Roxie weighed almost the same amount. However, within one month Jean-Claude went from four pounds to six pounds. He increased his body weight by 50% in a month! However, the vet wasn’t concerned as Jean-Claude was also growing. So the shelter had it wrong. Jean-Claude, who has settled into a 15 pound solid cat very large cat with his super long tail, wasn’t the runt of the litter. He merely had to move himself to the right conditions to succeed and become the cat he always was. Those conditions of success for him being the love and support of three crazy women (Roxie included).

I was a mix. I’ve always had my own beat and been different, but didn’t really accept or embrace it until later.

What conditions do you need to become who you want to be? We all need love and support. One of the hardest things to do in life is to cut out people who are not adding anything to our lives. Maybe they aren’t detracting from our life, but if they aren’t adding anything, do we need them to just take up the space? The older I get, the more I realize that I have such wonderful, positive people in my corner. People I love and people who love me without condition.

Who do you want to become? Are you living the life you imagined? Are you fulfilling your purpose in life? While these are questions that we see all the time, you can never remind yourself of these lessons in life enough.

Animal Friendships

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There was recently a Time Magazine story on animal friendships.  It detailed the intimate and friendly relationships of bears, monkeys and other animals.   There is no doubt to me that Roxie, the Japanese bobtail cat and Jean Claude, the black Bombay cat share a great love. Despite their bickering, fur snatching and overturning of objects in the heat of battle, they are truly enamoured of each other. They provide each other comfort, protection and inspiration. Besides when it’s all said and done, Roxie, though half Jean Claude’s size, can and often does kick Jean Claude’s tin-can. She is a queen. Now a brief dedication to another Queen – departed from this world too soon. Whitney Houston’s music lives on.‘.

The Value of A Good “Page A Day” Desk Calendar

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As I write this I think I let Jean Claude out of the back porch/pantry. I make no promises he will get back in the house.   I am exhausted but I feel compelled to write this blog. What a day! Now collecting my thoughts and trying to will myself to get into bed after I write this blog. I have to admit I’ve written  about this before but it is true – a good desk calendar can make the difference. Today I pitched a dreary one that dealt with life lessons.  It prescribed daily doses of helpful “household or lifestyle hints”  with peculiar humor – UGH .   I now have the 2012 Robin Pickens  “Seize the Day” calendar series which includes daily words of inspiration.   It’s quite wonderful.  We can all use a little inspiration in our lives.  A good “page a day” desk calendar. Ah- . Now where’s Jean Claude?

All We Need Is the Songtrack

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Roxie, very often walks around as if she has a songtrack in her head. Of course she realizes she is a celebrity. She seems now to have a constant need to play with her laser toy – day and night and she let’s me know it verbally.  As I am the person who must manuever the laser I assure you having a meowing cat pounce on you in the middle of the night is not amusing.  Roxie in particular likes running up and down the house stairs following the small laser light with intensity, clearly fascinated.