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Mad Men, Cultural Change

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I am a big fan of television program “Mad Men.”  It exemplies the culture of years past and captures some the rituals and tension I felt in my own life growing up.  There’s been a lot of discussion about women and our rights as women in the news.  Some would prefer that things revert to the way they were during the 1960s.  A lot of those advocating those ideas grew up in that era, perhaps their backward thinking is waxing nostalgia or a refusal to grow up and accept that things, the way we live are vastly different now.

During the 1960s my sister and I would “go-go” around the house dancing the “swim,” “the cool jerk” or the “pony”.  One memorable evening , the week my brother was born, my aunt J, my sister and I had a “pony” procession around the house to go-go song  “El Pussycat,”  pausing and going completely still at the bridge  (where the cats begin to meow).  Here’s the song for those of you who have never heard it or those who just want to remember.


Change is acoming!

So the cats will be coming to my house. Tomorrow is the day. I have had to Roxie proof my house. Since on this blog we have blogged about Roxie’s need to pee outside of her litterbox when she is mad, I know that she will be looking for things to use to try to pee on to show her displeasure. In all honesty though, it will feel like I have new cats. We haven’t lived together since early January and it is now almost April!

Spring is here. Spring is the time of renewal, rebirth. In order to grow, plants must let go. For trees they let go of their leaves, some lose branches, but keep their roots.

We must do that. We must keep our roots, but let go of all the other things that are holding us back so that we can grow bigger and better.

Remember to work on your roots! Let go of everything else.

Roxie’s Coupon Frenzie

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As I clipped coupons from the newspaper Roxie sat on my bed going through them as well. Yes, we have Groupon and Living Social and email deals etc but there’s something about paper coupons, besides Roxie loves them.

Where's the Coupon for Fancy Feast?

Where's the Coupon for Fancy Feast?

Where’s the one for Fancy Feast?

Worth A Cat-A-THON

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While scanning the cable channels today , I happened upon the Animal  Planet “Cat-A-Thon.”   So far I have learned that Roxie, the female Japanese bobtail and Jean Claude, the male black Bombay,  are about to become “seniors.”  Don’t tell Roxie  that as she thinks she’s still a swinging teenager.    Animal Planet just ran one of my all-time favorite “Must Love Cats,”  episodes, Dusty: The Klepto Kitty.   The segment features a cat who has stolen hundreds of items – shoes, hats, bras, panties and sunglasses from her neighbors.   (Dusty is referenced in my March 11, 2011 blog, “Roxie Hid My Shoes”)

Female Empowerment

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There is a lot of  controversy in the American political arena about women, our bodies, our health. Some say that those trying to implement restrictions are merely trying to change the debate to subjugate women and reduce our societal roles.   They have declared war on women and womenhood.  Women are life-givers, caretakers and these days,  leaders, champions and anything we dern well please.  As women our anatomy is unique to our personhood.  It sometimes dictates our moods and our habits but it is not a hindrance to our ability to lead, to encourage and to thrive.  Still there are those would like to turn the clock back, reducing or restricting our reproductive rights.  They sent up trial balloons on the airwaves and in certain state legislatures.  Women, wise as we are, are fighting back and speaking up. We are joined by enlightened men who are standing up for our rights as well.  Yes, it is a mistake to underestimate the power of the female. Even in the cat world that is true.  Roxie, the female Japanese bobtail, is fierce, often refusing to share the feeder with Jean Claude, the much larger male black Bombay.  Regularly little Roxie beats Jean Claude at play – she kicks his butt frankly.   Still she relies on him to protect her interests and to bring her comfort.  There is balance and unity and sometimes peace.