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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Cat-List for Change

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I admit there were times I took Roxie’s presence for granted and now she is gone.  As I’ve said many times now in this blog  I think she would be happy if her owners kept on moving forward and grew from the tragic experience that took her from this planet.   I am therefore starting a new feature on this blog aimed at humans, and other creatures entitled “Cat-List” for Change.    I guess the first lesson for “Cat-List for Change” is to tell those you love you love them as often as possible.  You can never say it enough or exhibit it enough.  Giving is what makes your world grow.


Letting Go

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I still miss Roxie, the Japanese bobtail. She was a fan of MSNBC’s “Way Too Early,” and “Morning Joe.” When staying at my home every morning  she’d wake me up and I knew to turn on the television for her to watch her shows (and also to get her food, laser toy or whatever).  It’s been hard, The search for the owners of the dogs (and the dogs) continues today, more than a week after the attack.   While I miss Roxie, I know she would want me to let go and to keep working to make the world a better place for people and for their pets.   I know a lot of people dealing with loss with grace and courage.  The best thing is to keep moving, keep walking and keep loving.

Expanding One’s Dimensions

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Yesterday was a restful, enjoyable Fourth catching up on some loose ends.  Tuesday, Roxie’s remains were removed from the alley. If only it were so easy to remove her memory.  Getting perspective has helped.     Jean Claude, the black Bombay cat,  seems to have settled down after time at CCL’s house.   I did a radio interview yesterday about the attack that killed Roxie.    DC Animal Control has expanded its case to find the dogs and their owner.  Healing continues.  There are a lot of people  I know who deal daily with grief, loss, the deteriorating health or sudden death of a loved one/and or family member. They handle their life situations with aplomb, letting joy not bitterness dictate their circumstances. They take the higher road to personal growth by expanding themselves and anchor themselves to new tomorrows filled with hope and promise.  The hurt and pain is still there over Roxie’s demise but I know I should  honor her memory  and I must continue to grow as well.

Roxie Remains Remain

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It’s day four after the vicious dog attack that  left our precious Japanese bobtail Roxie dead.   The sanitation department  asked us  to put her body in a trash bag or box beside the trash can last Friday. We did so before the vicious storms that attacked the D.C. area.   But  today- day four after her death – Roxie’s remains remain in the back alley behind the yard.   Sunday I arrived home from a family trip  I  took the day of Roxie’s demise to find Jean Claude calling for Roxie, looking under the bed, running to the basement to announce my arrival from the trip.  He hollered most of the night.    It had been suggested I take Jean Claude to the bag with  her remains and let him know that she has moved on- but some said not to do so  because it would make him sad and protective of her space.  Calls to the sanitation department so far  have not resulted in no action.  I realize the  storm clean up is taking up a lot of time  but hopefully the matter will be resolved today.  Tomorrow is a holiday and I’m certain Roxie would like everyone to have a good time.