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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Stress Management

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Experts have long reported the persons who have pets, particularly cats are often less stressed.  I guess that’s true unless you are truly one of those hoarder types that make the news because you have 300 cats running around  the house amid debris and empty Chinese cartons using the bathtub and the washing machine as a litter boxes.   Jean Claude and Koko  of course are civilized with Koko showing early signs of being a classy babe.  Both provided me with relief the other day after a long stressful time at work.  JC of course was typical male and Koko at first was standoffish…but after a time both came to cuddle with me for a bit.  A movement of peace…purring.


Even Scientific American can be wrong

So I was reading this article and it says that cats cannot taste sweets. I immediately cried foul. My cats LOVE sweets. They have been known to break through wrapping to get to cookies, donuts and in one incident when Jean-Claude was a kitten raspberry kringle.

The scientists in question said that in high concentrations, there may be some taste. However, the scientists were utilizing what they knew from their world view and limits of knowledge. There are things in the world that we cannot begin to fathom. The way that God works and watches over us is one thing.

We often limit ourselves by our world view because we don’t know something is possible or we are afraid. Yes, cats like sweets but likely it will involve some innovative way of thinking about taste receptors to understand (and if anyone doubts cats mysteries, it is still not understood why and how cats purr!).

Let’s be like the cats today and enjoy our sweets without worrying about the possibility of why.

Ni Hao & Bienvenue

I saw this story and I thought I would share. I love that Ni Hao means hello in Chinese. Bienvenue means welcome in French. Cats often triumph in the face of outstanding odds against them. Today, let’s all take a little of Ni Hao’s spirit and conquer something that is holding us back.


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CCL’s Front Yard Garden

My daughter CatzandAllDatz  AKA , CCL(Crazy Cat Lady)  has a beautiful front yard garden.  As her mom,  I  am a bit anal when it comes to yards  and I must admit  I did not share CCL’s vision when early this  summer  she and a group of the neighborhood children planted the garden.  To me the “garden”  appeared to be a mishmash of mums, ground plants and  flowers. Where, I would ask  CCL (often), is the  theme?   Why didn’t you just put down grass? , I would say each time I paid a visit.  Where , I would ask, is the structure? When,  I would ask CCL,  are you going to put down more mulch?     Soon the rain came, the sun did its work and  CCL had mulch put down in between the flowers and plants.  Now  a living piece of art  graces my daughter’s  front yard.      Isn’t life sometimes like that? A series of unseemingly related events comes together with human inspiration and God’s touch and voila! Faith brings us bouquets.