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Monthly Archives: October 2012


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So True

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From a very funny book about cats: How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You



Debate Party

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It’s been a long week and I’m relaxing at home with Jean Claude and Koko watching the  Presidential debate.   Both  cats were fascinated by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and sat, listened and watched as if hypnotized.  With the start of the debates the cats quickly rushed off my bed to other parts of the house.  Koko to find one of her toys I suppose and Jean Claude to his spot on the chair in my home office.  Maybe there should be a Nielsen rating box for animals.  Chris would win for sure.

Koko in Between Gigs

Welcome Miss Bean

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As many of you know, CCL and I have new addition to the family, Koko, a domestic short-hair is now nine months.   She is very sweet and seems pretty smart.  For  sure she is time enough for Jean Claude.   Koko has distinquished herself already as a climber – twice now while at CCL’s house she has climbed from the downstairs back yard to the top floor balcony.  For right now Koko is at my house where she will have an extended stay.  She did some exploring and she  slept quietly on CCL’s lap for a bit.


Season of Change

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Fall brings so much. Back to school. Cooler weather. For me it’s the most dramatic in change. Perhaps the colors or that it was always the time that as a child we went from play to work. Just as it is the first fall in six years without Roxie, now there’s Koko. Finally, finally Jean Claude seems to be warming up to the new kitten a domestic shorthair.