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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Road Trip

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CCL and I have hit the road “over the river” and through Pennsylvania for family Thanksgiving dinner. Tradition, family and love. Just passed a herd of cows. Years ago my parents took my sister and me on road trips. My mom would have us count the cows on our sides of the car. Whoever got the biggest tally would win some candy. If you passed a graveyard it meant your tally was wiped out and you had to start over.




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Im impressed by Detroit airport. There are a lot of shops and people traceling to far away lands. CCL has been away for a time in Europe. I long to travel someplace outside the U. S. soon. I’ve done a lot of domestic travel but other parts of the world (the planet) intetest me. Still I am reminded that life’s journey is fascinating – learning one’s soul and learning to be whole the ultimate trip.

Go with the flow

Cats are amazing creatures. They adapt to the craziest of circumstances with grace. Humans not so much. We fear change and most of us don’t do well in new situations. However maybe if we believed we would always land on our feet we would handle any change with grace as well.  I’m currently on my own completely following my instinct. This means changes from day to day but I’m doing what feels right to me and no one else.


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Jean-Claude and KoKo have been helping out my contractor – here’s an example of their work.


New Beginnings

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Tuesday night, the nation chose to Move Forward.  While I don’t often use this column for political events I do share custody of two “Democats” and therefore feel empowered to at least mention the election.    My primary editor Jean Claude, the black Bombay cat, demands that this blogspot focus on inspiration, cats, food and positive reflection.   Still, it’s been an interesting time for America.   We all must change in order to grow.  Challenges only make us stronger.    It helps to have cats to provide company and solace.