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Missing You

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It’s been several months since Roxie passed.  Still I miss her.   Recently I took KoKo, the domestic shorthair, and Jean Claude, the black bombay to their new digs at CCL’s new home.  Did I mention my daughter bought a new house?  Any way KK and JC  seem to like their new space which they gave thorough and careful inspection.   Watching them  it was if they  seemed to approve – except for the placement of the litter box which CCL has now moved.  JC immediately deemed the spot more acceptable.   I miss them but I am glad they have their space.   Roxie would have been pleased.


Changing Your Mind

The other day I saw a facebook post agonizing over a decision to be made. One thing I’ve learned in my time off is that, you just make the best decision you can make at the time you make it. But here is the secret in that sauce – it’s ok to change your mind later.

I’ll use an example. I moved. To a much smaller house. I went to Ikea and in my rush paid to put together a TV stand and a daybed and bought a dresser on Craigslist. After looking at it, I realized that I wanted a different TV stand, different dresser and a smaller daybed. I will ultimately come out the loser financially in this transaction, but the winner on what I want. Had I not gone with my original choices, based on the information I had at the time I made those decisions, I wouldn’t have ultimately wound up with a better choice.

We feel as if each decision is irrevocable, but unless the decision is really life or death, it is not. You have the option to change later. Changing may mean some form of loss such as money or time. But inevitably, as the circumstances around your first choice change, it’s ok to change your mind. Don’t change your mind on a whim, but do change your mind on the basis of change in the information.

And it will turn out ok.

She likes me. She really really likes me.

Cats are frequently accused of being finicky and stand-offish. In some cases this is true. However, cats are by habit social animals. This is why shelters will offer 2-for-1 and why cats need friends. Trust us. If you are going to go in for one, two is just as easy. You are already buying food and scooping so you won’t notice any difference.

However, how can you tell when your cat really likes you? Well, with JC it’s easy. He shows you love the minute you walk in the house. But JC shows everyone love. If you come to the house, he will open the door for you, pour you a glass of wine and ask, “Would you like to pet the beautiful black cat? I’m a very soft and promise to purr.”

Roxie was also easy. She would follow me around the house and I bore the brunt of her displeasure when she was upset.

However, with Koko it’s hard to tell. She clearly loves Azeena as she sleeps with her and guards the front door when Azeena leaves. With me, she comes around but doesn’t actively pursue it.

Well, not everyone will like you. That’s a fact of life. We had a previous cat, Sais, and she would only come out for me. With anyone else, she would hide and run away.

But for those that are in your life and do actively like you (and not just love you) continue to welcome them. Ask them if they would like a glass of wine and share your petting.

Bentley’s Pantry Raid

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Even Gourmet Cooks Must Have Rest

Even Gourmet Cooks Must Have Rest

The Bentley is a luxury automobile created more than 90 years ago in England. Bentley the dog is owned by my friend Renee and her family.  He clearly likes the finer things in life and he wants his meals and his water prepared just so.  A gourmet for sure.  Recently Bentley went to the pantry to prepare himself a snack.    Renee said her daughter left the pantry door open. But we know better. Bentley  has exquisite manners.  He simply wasn’t able to finish his preparations before she got home.

The results of Bentley's trip to the pantry.

The results of Bentley’s trip to the pantry.

Just a Matter Of

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When one is in the midst of fundamental change it is easy to get discouraged. Even daily functions can be hard. Still keep the faith. That’s the answer.