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Monthly Archives: March 2013

We All Have Days Like L’il Peanut

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My sister-girlfriend’s dog , Li’l Peanut, was  a tad down recently needing more of my friend’s  attention than normal.  My girlfriend speculates that the dog  is  missing her guardian angel, my friend’s daughter, who was  off to  science camp.   The remedy of course is that Peanut needed  more attention.

L'il Peanut Had the Blues

L’il Peanut Had the Blues

We all have days like  L’il Peanut.  There are some simple things we can do: pray, read, pray again, call friends who are doing a little worse than we are, volunteer, watch mindless television, read a good book, take a walk but  it’s probably most important to  remember “This Too Shall Pass.”  Spring is officially here.


Full Pike with a Twist

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Like This and LIke That and Like Cat MEOW

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Koko, the domestic short-hair and Jean Claude, the black Bombay follow their own rhythm.  They have rituals that play out daily including sleeping with CCL and letting her know their preferences when it comes to what kind of food they want and where they want to go to the bathroom.   Often they remind me of the song by Dr. Dre and Snoop  Dog – Like This and Like That  and Like This…except in cat language.

Here’s the video:


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Pet of the Week

Koko made pet of the week at the Brookland Bridge. My former neighbors do a fantastic blog about life in Brookland. From an objective standpoint it is truly a neighborhood blog. It talks about life, dining, development, happenings, pets, real estate. I wonder how they do it!

Koko at her new digs

Koko at her new digs


Check it out if you have the time. I’m sure even if you don’t live in Brookland you can find something that will spark your curiosity!