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Uh oh! The two power brokers got together recently.

What do you think they were talking about?

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

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I have the pleasure of entertaining Jean Claude and KoKo this week.  Actually they are here to work.  A small  mouse got the memo that the celebrity cats  were taking up permanent residence at CCL’s house and decided to show its tail at my house.  Naturally I was horrified  and called CCL to bring the cats over to take care of situation.  Koko and JC “ain’t afraid of no mouse.”

Setting limits

Azeena seems to think that I’m too hard on Koko. However, Koko needs to know her limits.

I used to love the show “It’s me or the dog” which came on Animal Planet. The original British version which was 1/2 in length before they brought it to America and ruined it. One of the things Victoria Stillwell said was that animals need to know what’s acceptable and what’s not. Now you can do this through training and association, i.e. Pavlov but w/o the shocks and that’s all I’m doing. Animals prefer to the limits because they know what they can do.

Koko doesn’t mind. She loves me. In fact, she loves me so much she has decided that anytime I bend over, she’s going to jump on my back. Here is a picture of her doing it while she cleans herself.

Koko jumps on my back

Koko jumps on my back

Ah yes. Koko also climbs up in my lap after she’s had her evening meal for a rub and to sleep.

She is also still bad. She bopped JC last night for no reason other than she wanted to play and he wanted to play a different toy.

Poor Jean-Claude. He just wants to play, belly rubs and Fancy Feast.

Case of the Bratty Cat

Recently Koko has been acting out. She’s been bopping poor Jean-Claude in the head especially if they are sharing a window or she wants his seat on the couch. Now I don’t go for this in my house.

Jean Claude and Koko At Peace - but Koko has been naughty of late

Jean Claude and Koko At Peace – but Koko has been naughty of late

If she bops JC then she can’t sit in the window or the chair. In my house we all share and are nice to each other.

Azeena has another take. She calls it the case of sibling rivalry where the little sister torments her older siblings. Either way, I don’t let Koko get away with it. because JC is so sweet and there is plenty of room for both of them in the window.

Spring Fever

Well Spring is here although in DC it is hard to tell. With temperatures during the day about 15 – 25 degrees cooler than it normally is. This hasn’t stopped the cats from going out. I have finally decided to stop fighting with Koko and now let her climb the trees and jump from limb to limb. The good thing about the trees at the new house is that they are very thick and the branches are thick. She won’t have to worry about crashing down somewhere.

Jean Claude and the Tree in CCL's Backyard

Jean Claude and the Tree in CCL’s Backyard

But I do think Spring Fever has hit the animals. As Azeena wrote and my coworker can confirm, for some reason animals have been extra needy. I’ve seen it on JC and Koko where they are much more affectionate. I think they sense the change in weather and my just be buttering us up to go outside more.

The one habit Koko has adopted is she can’t figure out why I take showers. She stands on the edge of the bathtub and then starts yelling at my when I get out of the shower. She then wants to be held to assure herself that water hasn’t washed me away. I hope one day she’ll realize that bathing is just one of those human traits and despite her thoughts, her owner won’t wash down the drain. Only the soap.