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Tara, The Hero Cat

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Tara, The Hero Cat

Can’t say enough about Tara – She is a True Hero


He’s BAACK – The Return of the Giant Plant

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This Memorial Day Weekend, I’m  spending time with my mom ” Miss Georgia”  and the family.  Couldn’t help but notice the giant monster plant has made a comeback.  The  plant in mom’ s  living room   fell off the table mysteriously in the middle of the night two years ago and was  thought was gone forever (Planticide – July 18, 2010).   After the fall  what was left of the plant was placed in a medium sized jar of  water on the family room table,  later  repotted and placed back in the living room.   Now the plant  is enormous, somewhat less menacing than before, (no scales so far) and quite glorious .  That’s the thing about reinvention – sometimes it’s incremental and it often yields  glorious results.planticide

Everyday Heroes: Tara

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People have always heard stories about heroic dogs but hero cats? Yep Tara the Hero Cat from Bakerfield, California has been making the talk show rounds, after saving her 4-year old owner from a voracious dog. Of course us cat lovers have known for years that cats provide a sense of security and  that often  their small unseen efforts are almost heroic.  Here  in Washington, D.C.   Jean Claude, the black Bombay and Koko, the celebrity cat  who  provide comfort and support for their owners are big fans of Tara.




Happy Mother’s Day!

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So this past weekend Koko brought me a live bird for Jean-Claude and I to play with. I was working, i.e. watching natural hair care videos on the couch, when I saw that she had feathers in her mouth. I then noticed that she had a bird on the ground inside my house and her and Jean-Claude were looking at me with excitement – “Let’s kill it together!!!”

Of course I proceeded to freak out and try to shew both the cats and bird out, Koko got really upset at me. She was chasing the bird out the back door. I’ve accepted the law of the jungle that cats chase animals. They are the most prolific killers in the world. See my previous blog HERE from the Oatmeal.

I love my cats, but still can’t deal with some of their realities.