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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Head Games

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We live in age of constants -motion, information , sensory – as far our senses go we are never deprived.  We have television, web sites,  tablets, smart phones, vibrators, neon signs, 3-D exhibits, food tastings and the ah to keep our senses stimulated and satisfied.  Our hearts and our souls are another matter.

A lot of the information we receive is  filled with rhetoric or visualizations that claims  to ease our pain or make us rich or sexy or get the person of our dreams.

Even those close to us buy this notion – a need for a sphere of influence – sometimes not to help us but to stop
us from growing and thus stop us from leaving them ( as our changing means that they too must change).

The thing is to listen for and watch for their constants -belittling? Competitive? A feeling of remorse after contact – cut these people loose.


Cats Away

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Koko and Jean Claude now spend their time at CCL’s house.  I’ve been to visit several times of course.  Koko is always welcoming and wants to be held,  petted and have a brief chat.  Jean Claude of course just wants to be let out in  the back yard.

Animals bring us comfort, they are friends.  That’s what friends do in challenging situations.  They are there for us.  They speak truth to us.  It is important for us to understand the intent behind the truth.   Often we have friends that live in far away places or may have passed on.  Still the memory of their advice, kind words or their humor lingers.

Koko offering some advice.

Koko offering Azeena  some advice.