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The Real Thing

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Koko, the celebrity cat and Jean Claude, the black Bombay,  are back at their primary residence at CCL’s in Washington, D.C.  Koko  enjoyed her stay at my house.  Several nights she left me a little surprise, a toy mouse,  which faced  me at the door to my bedroom.  Later she would  remove it to play with it during the day.    The mouse  looked very real but it didn’t frighten me ,as a gardener I’m not afraid of bugs etc.  In fact,  I found Koko’s intent  to amuse and please me genuine and touching.

Authenticity  and being “who you are” is  the latest personal elevation trend.   Life coaches and other success gurus  are constantly urging people to be their “authentic selves.”  Yes, “keeping it real ” is the so-called new path to personal and professional success.    Alas,  for some the notion of being geniune is beyond their grasp.  There are a lot of phonies who seek to  impress or manipulate.   Their fear of who they are has engulfed their souls. For them “keeping it real” is  about as real as the toy mouse Koko presented to me in the morning.




Adios, June Buggie!

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Adios, June Buggie!

Hope that June Buggie returns soon.


June Buggie ran away from home. 

MEOW! I found someone new, and she's better than you! MEOW! I found someone new, and she’s better than you!

I found the note this morning. It took me awhile to decipher, because his penmanship sucks, but was eventually able to make out that after 17 years of putting up with my crap, he was over it and ready to move on. He tied a couple of cans of Fancy Feast inside of a kitchen towel, along with a catnip mouse, broke out a window on the front porch by knocking over my weed eater, then hit the road.

Rumpy is incredibly sad, but relieved that no longer will he be subjected to random smacks to the nose for no other reason than June Buggie KNEW he could get away with it.

A clipart representation of how I felt this morning when I realized I'd have to pay to get the window fixed (clipart from A clip art representation of how I felt this morning when I realized I’d have to pay to get the window fixed (clip…

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