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Memories from Talford Street: A Mentor Extradonaire

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Small Biz Boomer

I grew up on Cleveland’s East Side in a middle class  neighborhood.   My mom and her girlfriends would play bridge  at  one of the homes on Talford Street while us kids played outdoors  rode our bikes, played kickball in the street,  caught lightning bugs or would gather in the basement to watch “The Twilight Zone” or “Ghoulardi.”     On weekends our Dads would gather at Mr Pace’s house on Talford Street to watch sports and barbecue.   Often my family would join the families of Talford Street on   trips to the West Side  Euclid Beach Amusement Park or , Punderson State Park Lodge  in the winter and the Jersey Shore in the summer.

The  families central hangout on Talford Street was the home of   Louis and Gloria Chapmon .  I came to know the couple as Mr. Chapmon and Aunt Gloria.  Later “Gloria” would become a lifelong…

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Lonely Is As Lonely Does

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All of us feel lonely sometimes.  Some people more than others.    I’ve noticed a trend though people who tend to be selfish or braggish often find themselves without friends or confidants at the  end of the day.  I’m not just talking about someone who can pick you up from the airport, but it does help when the taxi or Uber drops you off if there is a brunch invitation or  your newspapers are inside your mail chute.


For some work is all they have –   they really don’t want any more.  Perhaps they just know better than the rest of us who are blessed to know we need people