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Hero Cat in Philadelphia 

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A cat is being credited with alerting a couple early Wednesday that their Philadelphia rowhome was having serious structural issues.



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Koko is coming to visit me in Brookland, DC this weekend. It is time again for Preparation for Her Visit.

Cats & All That ™

I admit it.  I am a perfectionist.  I like things that have order and purpose.  That’s the thing about sharing custody of cats.  They are clean and persnickety but they need care and your furniture is subject to their moods.   Cats rule.  This week Koko comes to stay with me for an extended time period.  As I am a big fan of HGTV, particularly “Fixer Upper,” I’ve begun the work needed to make her as comfortable as possible.  Her jumping chair is strategically placed for her to jump to the top of my dining room hutch and of course,  custom blinds have been installed in the porch window of my house for her viewing pleasure.

I am a perfectionist but I’m learning.

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