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Home Again

Well, there was drama moving the cats from Grandma’s to my house tonight.  Due to an accident, I only have one cage for them and I guess that they were tired of traveling together.  JC refused to get in the cage and he always gets in without a fuss.  Roxie was her normal drama queen self.  So I had to make two trips to bring them over.  Then I left to go to dinner.

When I came home both cats were at the door waiting for me at the door.  I’m not surprised that Jean-Claude was there, but Roxie isn’t usually a homebody.  Then when I came upstairs, they immediately followed and JC wanted to go out on the deck.  I opened the door and he’s still out there.  Roxie did go out, but came back pretty soon to spend quality time with her mom.  Per her normal self she immediately came back in, started walking on my back since I’m on the bed and them jumped off.

Let’s see what tonight brings.

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