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Dumpsters for Mental Clutter

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I am good at getting rid of physical clutter.  I like my surroundings to have some sense of order, and I have no problem throwing things away.  I am reading with interest “declutter” books by Netflix star and author Marie Kondo and the book on “order” by author Gretchen Rubin.

Grace, the Tabby cat,  also is particular about her space.  She does not like rope-made scratching posts, and she only wants a few toys.  She does have a preference for laying atop newspapers, but the papers must be changed every few days.

It’s mental clutter that I struggle with such as rejections, clients who treat you poorly,  judging others, envy, and people who try to draw you into their negativity.    I use prayer, meditation, being with real friends and physical exercise to help clear my mind; then it’s easier to create dumpsters to toss all the junk away.


Is Spring Coming?

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Today, Friday, in Washington, DC  it is snowing, but forecasters predict the temperature will reach 69 degrees Sunday.  Brookland DC meterologist Grace is already on the lookout.

Grace Checking Things Out



People talk about cats being aloof, but in our experience that hasn’t been the case. CCL recently adopted two cats and immediately they began to trust her and her partner. There was no awkward period. No downtime before all they wanted to do was snuggle or be next to their humans.

How do we learn to trust? I’ve heard the saying consistent actions over time. But some of us grow up in environments where we are quick to trust others. Some of us doubt people repeatedly until it becomes so hard to trust people as to limit our opportunities.

Trust is a balancing act as precarious as CCL’s new kitten Bailey (pictured here in her all black, making sue her brother Braithwaite is resting well) when she walks behind the TV.


Grace The Talking Cat

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Grace is not shy about letting you know her needs

Who is Zooming Who? Who Owns Who

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It is clear that cats rule.  Grace, the tabby is a diva. Buzzfeed recently published 17 insistences where cats showed their owners who owns who.   Let me add #18  five am wake-up calls!