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The Kindness of Cats

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I am increasingly convinced that there are people that are born with a hole in their soul.  We all know  them – people   who are convinced of their own greatness.  They lack empathy for others and are not only totally self-involved but devoid of anything resembling compassion. They treat others like toys to be manipulated.  The spotlight must be on them at all time .  Pettiness is their tour de force.


Until recently cats were often characterized as  resembling these selfish,  unfeeling souls.  Recent evidence such as  Tara the rescue cat who saved her four-year old charge from a dog  indicates otherwise.   Thanks to digital and social media there are the numerous examples of cats as heroes, singers, gate keepers and cats in nursing homes who offer comfort to those in pain or who are dying.   I’m reminded of the kindness of cats when Koko comes to cuddle and watch Netflix with me or Jean Claude, sensing I’m  feeling down, comes to play or rub again me.   Cats can be kind and  can serve as an example for us human beings  as well.



Climbing to New Heights

So recently, Koko has been back to climbing trees. I love it. She started off as a climber as kitten. She would climb anything and everything without fear. I was able to catch video of her out on a limb. She was perfectly happy but started freaking out when she heard me calling her because she couldn’t get down. But I knew exactly what to do.

I left her alone to figure it out.

Sometimes, we mean well, but the best way to offer support is to walk away. Sometimes giving the people we love the space to figure it out on their own is the best.

And sure enough, I went back into the house. Not too long after Koko came in for her hugs and well deserved accolades.

You can see the video here


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The last the two weeks have been full of adventure in terms of my professional career with some travel and a lot of catching up with old friends and making new friends.   I also along with CCL got a sneak peak at something very exciting.  During such stressful business activity, it is wonderful to have friends and family and of  Jean Claude and Koko who provide endless entertainment when I am home.  I am still struck by those who by virtue of their being, despite fame and fortune, who invite loneliness by their behavior – their constant need for attention, demands.  Others and other people’s time don’t matter in their world.  They are selfish to the point of claiming ownership over others time, they stalk people through Social Media and other means, never grasping that their oneness is something that they have created.  In times like these prayer is the answer.


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Right now KoKo the domestic shorthair and Jean Claude the black Bombay are at my house. They want to be rubbed and petted. Sometimes KoKo constantly.  Humans are like that as well.  Oprah, the mega mega media mogul and interviewer was asked what was common among the throngs of famous folks she interviewed “They all, after the interview she replied,”wanted to know if they did all right. ”   From Mother Theresa to President Obama, we all need know if we are “ok” and if we did “ok.”   The need  for validation is something we all share.  Certain political figures and entertainers need it  more than most but make no mistake – we all want it in some form.   The applause ,the  polling numbers , the Tony the Oscar, the Gold Medal- the job, the second date, the hello or the smile. We all seek the pat on the head, the OK that we are ok.  Actor George Saunders character in the the 1951 Classic, ” All About Eve” said “We are all born equipped with little horns – to announce our presence.”   As humans we want to know we are valued, admired.    Hatred in its shallow and most visceral form invalidates us with messages that we are  somehow not ok whether if it’s  because of the color of our skin or who we worship or who we love.

Recent events worldwide show us we must go back to the Source.  Hate invalidates us all – God loves us all the same.


Jean Claude and Koko

Jean Claude and Koko


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Yes, all good things must come to an end.  The last several weeks with Jean Claude, the black Bombay, and Koko, the domestic short-hair have been wonderful.  They love my house in Brookland DC with its unique hiding places and views.  Alas, they are now at CCL’s residence where they are exploring the “hood.”  

Koko will no doubt miss peeking out the custom blinds at my house.