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Right now KoKo the domestic shorthair and Jean Claude the black Bombay are at my house. They want to be rubbed and petted. Sometimes KoKo constantly.  Humans are like that as well.  Oprah, the mega mega media mogul and interviewer was asked what was common among the throngs of famous folks she interviewed “They all, after the interview she replied,”wanted to know if they did all right. ”   From Mother Theresa to President Obama, we all need know if we are “ok” and if we did “ok.”   The need  for validation is something we all share.  Certain political figures and entertainers need it  more than most but make no mistake – we all want it in some form.   The applause ,the  polling numbers , the Tony the Oscar, the Gold Medal- the job, the second date, the hello or the smile. We all seek the pat on the head, the OK that we are ok.  Actor George Saunders character in the the 1951 Classic, ” All About Eve” said “We are all born equipped with little horns – to announce our presence.”   As humans we want to know we are valued, admired.    Hatred in its shallow and most visceral form invalidates us with messages that we are  somehow not ok whether if it’s  because of the color of our skin or who we worship or who we love.

Recent events worldwide show us we must go back to the Source.  Hate invalidates us all – God loves us all the same.


Jean Claude and Koko

Jean Claude and Koko


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Yes, all good things must come to an end.  The last several weeks with Jean Claude, the black Bombay, and Koko, the domestic short-hair have been wonderful.  They love my house in Brookland DC with its unique hiding places and views.  Alas, they are now at CCL’s residence where they are exploring the “hood.”  

Koko will no doubt miss peeking out the custom blinds at my house.


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There are some who seek drama and excitement at every turn.  Life for them is reality TV – anything but real – never peaceful.

The soul  needs the subtle nuturing  that only a moment of quiet  and peace can bring – ok maybe in Brookland DC birds are still  chirping.   Try a quiet prayer, look up, a yoga pose – but a moment

Regardless of religious belief or practice, there are ways to find a moment for soul renewal – even if it’s just to sit in one’s backyard with a good book for five minutes.image

Custom Blinds

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Custom blind companies do a booming business the Washington, D.C. area where CCL and I live.  We both have used  the services of such companies and the results have been great.  Still, there are rooms in my house where installation of  custom blinds, curtains or even shades would not be a viable option for Jean Claude and Koko.  They like to look out the windows of various rooms, particularly my bedroom and my living room.   Jean Claude as expressed his desire opening at first destroying the plastic blinds that I have in my bedroom, now he simply pats on the blinds each morning so I will raise them for his viewing pleasure.

The living room is another matter.  As you can see I have found a solution that suits the needs of the cats.



Customized Cat Blinds

Customized Cat Blinds


Decorating Tips for Cats

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Regular readers of #CatsAndAllThat know that Koko, the domestic shorthair, and Jean Claude, the black Bombay have two residences and are quite comfortable with the decor.

The Washington Post Local Living Section recently published an article with decorating tips for those with cats.



The cats get to live in style, too



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