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Letting Go

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There is a white chair in the front room in my house upstairs  I cover when Roxie and Jean Claude come to stay.    Roxie’s has found under the purple cover to be one of favorite hiding places – but only if I’m in the room watching television or reading.  A small act of defiance Ifeel.   But I notice that Jean Claude seems to find rather unique hiding places , under the bathtub or  under the corner of my bed. 

There was a time when Jean Claude would go outside and I would give chase only to find him nowhere in sight.  Once he in the back yard under my neighbor’s car – that neighbor has a dog.  These days I’m happy to let him out  in the back yard.  I no longer look for him.  He comes back when he’s ready.

Life is a lot like that.   It’s when we just let go and leave things alone and find peace with our decisions that miracles begin to happen.

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