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Dusty’s Last Stand

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My friend  Gwen told me  yesterday  the story of her family cat,  a real ferocious hussy named Dusty   Apparently birds were not enough for this tough feline.   Rabbits and other wild animals  were also in the cat’s pervue – their  remains sprayed across the back lawn of the family residence.    Seems  Dusty liked everyone else in the  family but didn’t really take too kindly to Gwen.  The menacing looking critter regularly smirked and growled at  her when Gwen returned home from school and no one else was present.  One day smirking was not  enough for Dusty  who jumped claws out and latched onto Gwen’s leg where he remained for a brief but painful  period of time.  Alas,  Dusty met a rather gruesome end.  While  travelling  the highway one bright sunny day, Dusty, according to witnesses,  was hit by a  semi truck.   Gwen upon reflection believes no mere car could have put an end to Dusty’s furious furry  fury.

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