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Spent time with my mother (and my sister, , and nephew brother the last couple of days) .  Yesterday mom and I went to Target where we tried on hats.  Mom bought a sassy one like one she bought on a Paris trip a couple of years ago.  That Paris trip was memorable in that we met several mother-daughter couples.   Still  my mom and I got on each others nerves – a lot.    At La Follit  Restaurant on the Champs de Lysee,  I was seated next to a lovely woman about my age who later told me she was Japanese.  I noticed as she looked heavenward in exasperation during a discussion with her mother who was seated next to my mom facing us.   Our moms were dressed alike  in chic jersey knit black pants and draped black jackets.     We chatted.   Our mothers sat and faced us smiling demurly as the younger woman and I talked about our frustrations and how sweet they looked.    Later my mom and  I boarded a bus near the Eifel Tower.  There seated across from us  was a mother-daughter couple. I chucked quietly when I saw the daugheter reach out and give her mother’s knee a quick spank in exasperation.  The daughter told me they were from Spain and sheand I were the same age.  We disccused the U.S.    Later that evening my mother and I took and Illumination tour – a night tour of Paris landmarks.  Our driver stopped by  hotel …joining us was a mother-daughter couple from Nashville.  he daughter just finished graduate school and had bright hair.    Their joy was infectious and they both laughed readily.   Travel, the daugher noted, is best done,  with your mom,  You can be annoyed, fight and  be honest and then laugh.   So true.

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