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Laser Toy – An Amber Alert for Cats??

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As I write this Roxie has returned after going missing for 23 hours.  I  think she got outside last night when I was helping my friend Peter get some things from my garage for the yard sale he and his wife Ruth had today.  I never saw her leave.   Exactly how she got out and where she hid for the entire length of time is a mystery although she  was located in my neighbor John’s yard.  He’s building a deck.    During our search my daughter, CCL ,and I  noticed Roxie peeping from  behind the base of the deck , the lure of the laser toy I was beeming too much for her to stay hidden.  CCL went in the yard and retrieved  her from behind a can of white paint as some of some of my neighbors watched in amusement.  Apparently Roxie did attempt a brief return while I was out getting a manicure this afternoon – evidenced by white paw prints on my black wrought iron steps.

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