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I can get Azeena off my back and post.  Well let’s see.  A lot has been going on with the CCL and the cats.  Let’s start with Mme. Roxie.

Roxie was always special.  Even when I picked her up from the shelter, she immediately attacked my earrings and as my friend reminds me I said “Oh yeah, she’s nice and crazy.”  Well be careful what you wish for.  Roxie is like the child that is constantly hurting herself so that people wonder what is going on that house.  Luckily JC is good so people know that we don’t do anything to Roxie.  She has broken both of her front incisors, gotten a bad urinary tract infection, chipped a rib and lawd knows what else.  Recently she has taken to running away.  And my grandma is wrong.  Cats are pack creatures, but their packs tend to be much smaller than dogs.

So Roxie ran away from Azeena’s house and she snuck out at my house.  But she does come back.  She just doesn’t have enough sense to do it in a reasonable timeframe and she cant seem to come back on her own.  You have to go and get her for her to come back.

Roxie has also taken to keeping me up at night with constant meowing.  It’s because she misses me because the longer she stays with me the faster she less she does it.

As always, JC is cool and collected

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