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Water Management

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What is the human body is about 70 percent water?? Most living things need it.   Jean Claude and Roxie for sure. They drink from  filtered water containers at my house and CCL’s house.   Still,  I have seen paw prints in the bath tub and yes, in case you were wondering, JC knows how to cut on the cold water.

JC and Roxie also like to come outside when I’m watering my garden. Roxie will often supervise.  Water is also a tool in managing their outside activities.  I  use a squirt water bottle to get them to go into the house when they come outside. Roxie doesn’t like it all but Jean Claude can take squirting event soaking as long as you don’t him in the face.

Addendum 6/24…later that evening  I let Jean Claude and Roxie outside.  Roxie dashed lightening speed  to the tree in my back yard and refused to come in, hiding under chairs etc.  Finally  had to use the squirt  bottle to spray her little behind to get her in the house.

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