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Jean Claude Giving Instructions

There’s something to be said in believing that you can get the job done.   Positivity brings positive results.  Faith in God’s way brings solutions.  Too often people are locked in cycles of complaint.  I know some people who have made a career of it.  They don’t want to see anything get accomplished.  They enjoy complaining and seek things  even the smallest things to complain about.  It’s important if one is in a work environment such as that to have outside activities which take you away long enough that you don’t get immersed or overwhelmed.    Earlier this week I conducted a training for some of the new leaders for tomorrow.  One of the more seasoned leaders in the U.S., Congressman Elijah Cummins spoke.  He talked about how we have to “encourage” ourselves and that other people, especially those with the “who do you think you are syndrome”  can not stand in our way.  He said in fact we teach peoople how to treat us. Roxie and Jean Claude are followers of that philosophy.   They have me and CCL well trained.

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