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Kitty-Kat Puppet Show- Ah Vanity

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Roxie is prissy.  I’m told most Japanese bobtails are somewhat particular.  She, I feel, even  more so.  Once she came in  the bathroom and motioned to and tapped the toilet paper  when she had a particular ..hmmn…problem.  Those  of you who read this post regularly  know Roxie and her “brother”  Jean Claude, a black Bombay, have two houses( my house and my daughter Crazy Cat Lady’s house).      While the laser pointer is still her first choice, lately  Roxie has been enertaining  herself with a new toy at CCL’s house.   The toy is  a small stuffed skunk shaped like a cigar  with a bright pink feather boah around its neck .  Part of the fascination I think is it looks a lot  like Roxie or at least has the  same coloring.  Something about watching the black and white ornament dangling from the air fascinates her.   Maybe I’ll buy her a pink feather boah or loan her the one Aretha Franklin gave me years ago.

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