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Jean Claude at Christmas

Jean Claude likes to curl up under the live Christmas tree at my house.  He just goes and sits under the tree and sleeps.  Roxie prefers to sit on the sofa  and watch the tree for the most part.  Really this is the first year they’ve done this…lots has changed this year.

The other day a friend dropped off a gift in the dead of night.  I opened the door to retrieve it, and unbeknownst to me Roxie flew out the front door.  The next morning I noticed she was not in my face  asking for her breakfast.   Where is Roxie??  I placed an anxious call to a relaxed but sleepy CCL.  I then decided to go out the front door after hearing the fant cries of a cat. Sure enough Roxie was on my neighbor Bonnie’s  porch (home of JC’s pal the dog ‘Six’).   Roxie was crying for her life to be let in that house.  I stood at the fence where she noticed me and raced down the steps, still not sure how she could get out of this predicament.   Shortly thereafter,  I opened the gate and scooped her up  and walked with her back to my house. ( and yes she was a bit fussy).  Once inside my house  Roxie went straight for food and resumed her spot on the ottoman, watching the world.

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