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Preparing for the Storm

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A hurricane approaches the East Coast. Folks have been out buying supplies, bread, food, wood, liquor, preparing for the worst or for the storm. I, too, took steps to prepare, made a mushroom lasagna, stopped at my favorite Mexican chicken place and ordered an extra meal.    I also took a way around my wonderful neighborhood and stopped by my daughter CCL’s house to visit with Jean Claude and Roxie.  Only Roxie ventured out to greet me, after I turned the television on and began watching “Leverage,” a TNT show she likes.   I presume Jean Claude was still sleeping – you know how guys are.

You know it’s so funny, we know the steps to prepare for the worse, buy bread, buy milk, buy batteries but what about routine steps to prepare for the best for the time that comes after the storm, the wind, the rain.  We should start making rituals for that time too:  cleaning the debris, replanting the flower bed, fixing the roof or nourishing our souls.

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