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I recently finished reading “Propoganda” a book by Edward Bernays. Bernays, a nephew of Sigmond Freud, was the founder of modern day public relations. According to Wikipedia he had an extraordinairy career.  Bernays was a keen observer and exploiter of human behavior.  He was an engima…launching campaigns to encourage Americans to smoke cigarettes and in later life helping to found The American Lung Association.  In so many ways his predecessors.  Recently my mentor, Ofield Dukes, a man of quiet strength and powerful purpose passed away.  Ofield too was in public relations.   It has made me very sad but it also caused me to think about how we as individuals so often sucumb to others way of thinking and doing things. Go-along to get along.  We lose in the long run.  Ofield, despite his great achievements was a man of humility.  He was also a man, who owned his own public relations firm for more than 40 years.  He also was the owner of himself.    He was not afraid to share or care for others.


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