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Female Empowerment

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There is a lot of  controversy in the American political arena about women, our bodies, our health. Some say that those trying to implement restrictions are merely trying to change the debate to subjugate women and reduce our societal roles.   They have declared war on women and womenhood.  Women are life-givers, caretakers and these days,  leaders, champions and anything we dern well please.  As women our anatomy is unique to our personhood.  It sometimes dictates our moods and our habits but it is not a hindrance to our ability to lead, to encourage and to thrive.  Still there are those would like to turn the clock back, reducing or restricting our reproductive rights.  They sent up trial balloons on the airwaves and in certain state legislatures.  Women, wise as we are, are fighting back and speaking up. We are joined by enlightened men who are standing up for our rights as well.  Yes, it is a mistake to underestimate the power of the female. Even in the cat world that is true.  Roxie, the female Japanese bobtail, is fierce, often refusing to share the feeder with Jean Claude, the much larger male black Bombay.  Regularly little Roxie beats Jean Claude at play – she kicks his butt frankly.   Still she relies on him to protect her interests and to bring her comfort.  There is balance and unity and sometimes peace.

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