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Gabrielle Douglas Goes for the Gold With Style

Yesterday, 16-year old American gymnast Gabrielle Douglas won her second gold mental for gymnastics at the London 2012 Olympics competition. She is the first African-American to win the gold in the “all around”  competition.   In addition to the talk about her lack of confidence, skill etc. there was a lot of twitter buzz about her hair.   As someone who many years ago  faced similar teasing about and tirades about my natural hair while on the high school swim team  I could identify. Clearly self-hatred, jealousy and other isms come in to play when descriptions about this graceful, determined and BEAUTIFUL young woman go to the negative about something as mundane as her hair.    I recall my mother describing stories that contained mistruths or malicious intent as tales with “hair on them.”  Seems to me that’s what’s going with the buzz about Gabby’s do – which includes winning gold medals and making history.


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