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Adjusting to New Circumstances

So as we’ve seen we have a new kitten Koko. There was definitely some discussion over her name. Koko was her name at the shelter and as we can well see our cats have names that have meaning. For example, Jean-Claude’s middle name is Calinvif which is loosely translated French for “snuggles hard” and Roxie’s middle name was Toshi which is loosely translated Japanese for Warrior.

I haven’t yet determined what would be appropos for Ms. Koko. Azeena frequently calls her Koko “Bean” which is cute, but I haven’t yet figured out what is the definition of her spirit. She is extremely loving towards humans but still gives JC a hard time. I think she hasn’t figured out that she can use his 16 pounds of cuddling to keep her warm at night.

I think it took Koko awhile to actually adjust to being home and recognizing that this is her permanent home. I think she was adopted before, so it will take awhile before she really trusts that she is a permanent member of the family. I am using scent and no stress spray to get her to be comfortable with JC as more than just a cat she shares space with. Luckily, we aren’t as bad as some people, like the couple who was recently on “My Cat From Hell” in that they can share some space and eat together and not always have it be fighting.

Most humans fear change. We delay actions and thoughts because of the fear we have in our minds. However, the older I get the more I realize that NOTHING has ever come out the way I feared it. When I’ve broken through the curtain of fear, everything has turned out to be wonderful. I have been able to accomplish things in my life that I never thought I would because I broke through fear. I have also let fear dictate some things in my life and hold me back. If we are honest with ourselves we will do those things we need to do to get over our fear and move beyond it.

We humans have resources untold available to us. We have groups, phones and can connect with people in a number of ways. We also need to to interact and connect within ourselves. Pray, a form of meditation, is a wonderful way to do this.

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