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She likes me. She really really likes me.

Cats are frequently accused of being finicky and stand-offish. In some cases this is true. However, cats are by habit social animals. This is why shelters will offer 2-for-1 and why cats need friends. Trust us. If you are going to go in for one, two is just as easy. You are already buying food and scooping so you won’t notice any difference.

However, how can you tell when your cat really likes you? Well, with JC it’s easy. He shows you love the minute you walk in the house. But JC shows everyone love. If you come to the house, he will open the door for you, pour you a glass of wine and ask, “Would you like to pet the beautiful black cat? I’m a very soft and promise to purr.”

Roxie was also easy. She would follow me around the house and I bore the brunt of her displeasure when she was upset.

However, with Koko it’s hard to tell. She clearly loves Azeena as she sleeps with her and guards the front door when Azeena leaves. With me, she comes around but doesn’t actively pursue it.

Well, not everyone will like you. That’s a fact of life. We had a previous cat, Sais, and she would only come out for me. With anyone else, she would hide and run away.

But for those that are in your life and do actively like you (and not just love you) continue to welcome them. Ask them if they would like a glass of wine and share your petting.

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