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Spring Fever

Well Spring is here although in DC it is hard to tell. With temperatures during the day about 15 – 25 degrees cooler than it normally is. This hasn’t stopped the cats from going out. I have finally decided to stop fighting with Koko and now let her climb the trees and jump from limb to limb. The good thing about the trees at the new house is that they are very thick and the branches are thick. She won’t have to worry about crashing down somewhere.

Jean Claude and the Tree in CCL's Backyard

Jean Claude and the Tree in CCL’s Backyard

But I do think Spring Fever has hit the animals. As Azeena wrote and my coworker can confirm, for some reason animals have been extra needy. I’ve seen it on JC and Koko where they are much more affectionate. I think they sense the change in weather and my just be buttering us up to go outside more.

The one habit Koko has adopted is she can’t figure out why I take showers. She stands on the edge of the bathtub and then starts yelling at my when I get out of the shower. She then wants to be held to assure herself that water hasn’t washed me away. I hope one day she’ll realize that bathing is just one of those human traits and despite her thoughts, her owner won’t wash down the drain. Only the soap.

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