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Setting limits

Azeena seems to think that I’m too hard on Koko. However, Koko needs to know her limits.

I used to love the show “It’s me or the dog” which came on Animal Planet. The original British version which was 1/2 in length before they brought it to America and ruined it. One of the things Victoria Stillwell said was that animals need to know what’s acceptable and what’s not. Now you can do this through training and association, i.e. Pavlov but w/o the shocks and that’s all I’m doing. Animals prefer to the limits because they know what they can do.

Koko doesn’t mind. She loves me. In fact, she loves me so much she has decided that anytime I bend over, she’s going to jump on my back. Here is a picture of her doing it while she cleans herself.

Koko jumps on my back

Koko jumps on my back

Ah yes. Koko also climbs up in my lap after she’s had her evening meal for a rub and to sleep.

She is also still bad. She bopped JC last night for no reason other than she wanted to play and he wanted to play a different toy.

Poor Jean-Claude. He just wants to play, belly rubs and Fancy Feast.

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  1. There’s a plethora of British TV shows that have come to America and been ruined…. (My husband is English.) As to the cats, it seems they never “learn”! Ellie

  2. Reblogged this on Cats & All That ™ and commented:

    Came across this from the CAT archive. Really fitting as I have to make some tough decisions this week. #catsandallthat



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