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The counter argument

So the full story is that Azeena came to my house to relax and see the cats. Now, I love Koko, but she is a brat. She acts like the little sister she is. Demanding attention, hissing at Jean-Claude and just in general causing havoc. She is sweet though and loving and thinks I’m a cat.

But I digress.

She knocked over her food dish on purpose. It was dry food and she did it because she was mad. My solution – she eats off the floor. Just like in one of my favorite movies 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, you act like a pig you eat like a pig.

There are many cats and dogs who take their food out of the dish and put it on the floor anyway before they eat it. And quiet as kept, we have all invoked the 5 second rule.

She won’t knock over her food dish and my floor is clean. It’s a win win

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