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The Perils of Being Too Busy

Time is the one resource that equalizes everyone. No matter how much money or power you have, you get the same 24 hours a day that everyone else gets. Now you might be able to allocate resources to accomplish tasks for you, but those resources are trading in their time.

I recently created a dream board full of ideas and items I want to accomplish in my life time. Some are short-term, e.g. finish a book this week, and some are long-term (buy an apartment in Paris!). But one of the lessons that I have learned recently is to make time for your dreams. We all waste time. I saw a post that captured this perfectly.


In this case, it’s the trade-off between working out and playing Candy Crush (or in my case – Simpsons Tapped Out). I realized that I don’t want my life to be measured in increments of 8 hours waiting for Homer to complete a tasks, but I want it to be measured in actual, meaningful things.

Cats don’t have this problem of focus. They have multiple avenues for when they want to engage (or in the case of my cats – two houses, a grandma that spoils them, trees, outdoor friends, and a couple of dozen toys and the red laser 🙂

But when they are sleeping, they aren’t dreaming about work and how they have to complete that presentation.

When we are too busy, it can feel overwhelming and we actually shut down. The lesson I am learning is how to say – NO.

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