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It’s Not Size That Matters: When It Comes to Houses

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Jean Claude, the black Bombay and KoKo, the domestic shorthair are having a ball at CCL’s other house ( not in Brookland). Though smaller the house affords them unique hiding places and extra large backyard. This inspired me to include Mel Walters “The Smaller the Club” – the bigger the party- yeah baby.

Like This and LIke That and Like Cat MEOW

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Koko, the domestic short-hair and Jean Claude, the black Bombay follow their own rhythm.  They have rituals that play out daily including sleeping with CCL and letting her know their preferences when it comes to what kind of food they want and where they want to go to the bathroom.   Often they remind me of the song by Dr. Dre and Snoop  Dog – Like This and Like That  and Like This…except in cat language.

Here’s the video:


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Im impressed by Detroit airport. There are a lot of shops and people traceling to far away lands. CCL has been away for a time in Europe. I long to travel someplace outside the U. S. soon. I’ve done a lot of domestic travel but other parts of the world (the planet) intetest me. Still I am reminded that life’s journey is fascinating – learning one’s soul and learning to be whole the ultimate trip.

Roxie’s Got the Go-Go Swing

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Roxie, the Japanese bobtail  and Jean Claude, the black Bombay cat, are back at my house for a bit. CCL brought them into the house in their cages this morning. Once  freed Jean Claude went down stairs to ah “take care of business” and Roxie ran upstairs to inspect the premises.

In honor of the late, great Chuck Brown, the father of Go-Go.

Animal Friendships

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There was recently a Time Magazine story on animal friendships.  It detailed the intimate and friendly relationships of bears, monkeys and other animals.   There is no doubt to me that Roxie, the Japanese bobtail cat and Jean Claude, the black Bombay cat share a great love. Despite their bickering, fur snatching and overturning of objects in the heat of battle, they are truly enamoured of each other. They provide each other comfort, protection and inspiration. Besides when it’s all said and done, Roxie, though half Jean Claude’s size, can and often does kick Jean Claude’s tin-can. She is a queen. Now a brief dedication to another Queen – departed from this world too soon. Whitney Houston’s music lives on.‘.