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Angry Birds

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Angry Birds is a video game and app,  millions use it.   Koko, the domestic short-hair, spent a great deal of time today in the big tree in my back yard with her own version of angry birds – two birds from the same family seemed to delight in tormenting Koko as she attempted to dialogue with them.  Up she climbed to almost to the top of the tree has one bird would fly close and then fly away and the other would peck her tail.    Jean Claude, the black Bombay,  himself a past target of these “angry birds,” just watched quietly at the comical spectical of me trying to coax Koko from the tree and throwing small stones at the birds to keep them from her.   Finally I gave up, when in the house and called CCL who said “just leave her in the tree,” she’ll come down.   Shortly after I went upstairs and turned myself to other things, something told me to go to the back door.  Sure enough as I looked outbackyard, Koko was climbing down the tree.  She apparently had enough of the angry, teasing birds and was  ready to come inside the house to some peace and some good eats.