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Just Bag It

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Jean Claude and Roxie spent the past weekend with CCL.  While there they had their usual adventures.  Well, Roxie didn’t jump off the second floor porch  into the neighbor’s yard but Jean Claude did escape outside a couple of times.  He came right back.  Too hot I suppose.  He also put himself inside a Kmart bag on top of CCL’s bed.  He stayed there for quite some time  wearing the bag  like a garment , relaxing and watching the world.  

I just came from one of my favorite Borders, located at 14th and F Northwest.   It was once the site of Garfinkels, a famous department store in the day.  Garfinkels  also had a bit of notoriety.  In the 1950s and 1960s once blacks were allowed in the store, black women still had to wear handkerchiefs to try on hats.  Anyway, the Borders  that now resides there  is slated to  be closed soon – a symptom of the economy I suppose.  Everything  in the bookstore is 30 percent to 50 percent off except for the plastic bags.  You still have to pay full price for those – five cents each.