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Getting Ready for Christmas

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Grace is an interesting cat.  She does not like traditional “pet” toys.  I am still trying to figure out what to get her for Christmas.  In the meantime, I guess I will let her rest under the Christmas tree.  

The Night Before Cat-mas

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Box Theatre

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JC in The Box

CCL and I had a ball Friday night at the theatre.  We saw a rambunctious  musical version of  A Christmas Carol with songs covered from Broadway show tunes.   Big fun.  As most of you know CCL and I get plenty of entertainment from Jean Claude and Roxie too.    Of late I’ve kept the empty box from a JC Penney delivery in the living room for Jean Claude’s amusement.  After  I got home from the play I decided it was time to ditch the box.  Jean Claude followed me out to the backporch pantry and jumped inside of it.   Perhaps it’s the J.C. on the box.   His message  clearly “ditch the box and ditch me.”   The box  now rests in front of the fake fireplace in the basement.  Jean Claude spent time inside it  today.